Does Negan Really Want to Join The Whisperers?

Does Negan really want to join the whisperers or does he have an ulterior motive in mind? As much as it may actually be in his best interest to stick with the Whisperers at the end of the day, especially when Negan killed Alpha and became the “New Alpha” Negan does not really agree with their way of life, and so he decides to stick with Daryl and the Alexandrians instead. This decision turns out to be a moderately bad one in the end, although honestly Negan is somewhere between a Rock and a hard place here. He either sticks with the people that he betrayed, who will never really accept him as one of their own, in a war torn and starving Alexandria, or he takes his chances with Beta and the Whisperers.

Does Negan Really Want to Join the Whisperers?I think when it was all said and done the Whisperers were so weird in comparison to how normal humans lived that Negan was somewhat disgusted by them, even at the expense of power. We do once again see Negan get the upper hand on Daryl and the group however, as Whisperers come over and interrupt an argument, saying “Negan you killed Alpha.” Negan goes oh shit and Daryl smiles, until they go “we kneel, to our new Alpha” and actually give him the upper hand.

Its a really cool scene, because Negan has been in kind of a bad spot for the past 2 seasons or so, and we finally see him with the upper hand once again, and it feels oh so good! Basically he says to the guy “if I’m the Alpha, then why am I not the one holding the badass shot gun.” The little guy freaks out and he gives the shotgun to Negan. Now Negan has the upper hand, he makes his new Whisperer servants put Daryl just on his knees and puts the shotgun right in his face, saying something along the lines of “you’re right, I do love this feeling!” Before blasting the other guys and saving Daryl.

Seriously with all the crap that the Alexandrians put him through, I probably would’ve blasted him right there and stuck with the whisperers, but at the end of the day we would have no characters that we like and you can change the show title from The Walking Dead to “Negan and the Whisperers.”

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If Negan would not have changed sides I think the Whisperers could have been the most powerful group ever in the Walking Dead. Aside from the fact that they essentially would have had Beta and Negan as their leaders, there would have been no one to take them down in the first place. They could have just kept taking giant herds of Walkers and pounding them into communities, taking out everyone in their path, a powerful force indeed.

Why I Think Negan Sided With the Alexandrians In the End

To answer this question as well, the main focal point of the article that is, that no Negan does not really want to join the Whisperers. He is essentially a spy that Carol has installed within them in order to take them down before Alpha and her group destroy them and pillage all of their colonies for their resources. At this point in the show, the Alexandrian’s are very strong, having:



The Scavengers

Remaining Saviors that were Assimilated

The Kingdom


And even more folks that Daryl and Aaron recruited. They are a group of like 200+ people likely and they are very strong, although they continue to run out of food. With all this in mind, I think Negan sees a potential future with them, though he absolutely could have annihilated them once he moved up the ladder of the Whispers and became the new Alpha. I would have taken that position of power over the one of weakness with Daryl’s group any day of the week.

Final Thoughts On Does Negan Really Want to Join The Whisperers?

Yes and No. He wants a shot at being out of his cage, and Carol gives it to him. If I were him as soon as I had my shot I would have probably mowed down all the Alexandrian’s, learning my lesson from before in that they cannot be trusted. In the end he takes his shot with them but ends up having to move on, essentially resigning his post rather than continuing on with the team mission. In the end he was able to make it work out. What do you think of the Walking Dead? Read on or subscribe to our blog and leave us a comment and let us know!






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