19 07, 2023

What Are Variant Walkers In The Walking Dead?

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What Are Variant Walkers in The Walking Dead? Most walkers follow more-or-less the same set of rules in The Walking Dead. As such, chances are good interested individuals can guess "variant walker" is just a term for walkers that deviate from these rules. The rules of drama mean the franchise focuses on variant walkers with differences that make them more dangerous rather than less dangerous to the surviving humans. So far, that means smarter, stronger zombies. However, the mere existence of [...]

14 05, 2022

Why Did Jadis Betray Rick?

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Why did Jadis betray Rick Grimes? There are a few possible explanations. The first is that she simply saw an opportunity to get ahead. By aligning herself with Negan, she knew she would be in a position of power. She may have thought that Negan would eventually win the war, and she wanted to make sure that she came out on top when that happened. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why Jadis betrayed Rick and sided with Negan in [...]