What episode did Michonne and Ezekiel kiss?

I love the episode where Michonne just grabs and kisses Ezekiel, in that he was in such a low place that Michonne was trying to give him something to live for again. She did not sleep with him, it was more like King Ezekiel was in such a low place at a late season of the Walking Dead that Michonne needed her trusted teammate and Confidante back, and therefore literally kissed him back to life!

What episode did Michonne and Ezekiel kiss?It worked, as Ezekiel basically just sprung up like any man would and had that pep in his step once again, maybe even more than he had when he was sleeping with Carol! And so in this blog post, let’s look at why I love this movie by Michonne here, and why it gave some much needed suspense and comedic relief to Season 10 of The Walking Dead.

Prior to this moment, we hear rumblings of Michonne skipping town to try and go off to find Rick, and prior to this part of the Season, other than the ark with Negan and the Whisperers, the show had been somewhat slow and dragging.

Why Michonne Kissing King Ezekiel Helped to Spice Up An Otherwise Lackluster Season

This scene was almost like a comedic and happy turning point in the Season. As we have seen in the episodes beyond this, many of the characters take a dark turn from here. Jesus takes a big hit, we don’t see much of Morgan anymore, Rick is nowhere to be found, and Michonne eventually goes off to find him.

Why Did Michonne Kiss Ezekiel?

It was almost a platonic act of friendship. Ezekiel was in a seriously low place, and he was extremely depressed. Much like the way that Claire Underwood banged Frank back to life that one time when he was crying on the ground after not being able to get any donors, the man just needed some love to get through the day! Anyway, Michonne did this so that she could have her friend and fighting partner back in tip top shape! She shot Ezekiel up with some much needed dopamine through some romance!

Final Thoughts On What Episode Did Michonne and Ezekiel Kiss?

I really like this one scene on the Walking Dead. My guess is the reason that this scene is in here is that the writers needed to add some pizazz to an otherwise extremely lackluster Season 9 and Season 10, and this was one way to do it in the commercial for the show. Hope you enjoyed reading, stay tuned for more walking dead!




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