15 01, 2022

Rick Grimes Jacket, The Iconic Clothing of Rick Grimes

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Rick Grimes Jacket, The Most Iconic Piece of Clothing In the Walking Dead The Rick Grimes jacket, and there are really two primary ones with just several variations of popular clothing throughout the show, is definitely one of the coolest things about the character. I actually purchased a jacket that is very similar to the Rick Grimes style jacket that I wear around quite frequently, as I love how stylish it looks and of how warm it keeps me. The Rick [...]

7 01, 2022

How Much Is Rick Grimes Worth?

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How Much Is Rick Grimes worth? What His Lifestyle Would Cost In 2022 Money How much is Rick Grimes worth in The Walking Dead? In this article we will examine how much the net worth of Rick Grimes would be, were we looking at his lifestyle in terms of today’s dollars in 2022. This is a fun article to write, and then I wrote a similar blog post on one of my other websites, and I think that this one should [...]

26 12, 2021

Rick Reunites With Lori and Carl

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Rick Reunites with Lori and Carl, The Most Touching Scene In The Walking Dead Season 1, episode 3, near the middle of the episode, was quite honestly one of the best scenes within the show The Walking Dead. The episode begins with Rick and Glenn getting back with the group from the city of Atlanta, where they have been fighting a massive herd of Zombies and just barely making it out with their lives. From here, we find that Glenn, the [...]

4 08, 2021

10 Times Rick Grimes Went Beast Mode, My Top 10 Scenes

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10 Times Rick Grimes Went Beast Mode, My Top Ten Rick Grimes Scenes in The Show There was an official Youtube video that walked through exactly what the top ten voted scenes with Rick Grimes were, but I have to say that I somewhat disagreed with the top 3 scenes on this one, and I think that these could be re-ordered. And so, in this blog post, I'll give my top ten listing, in order of 10 to 1, of the [...]

31 07, 2021

How Long Does Rick Stay at the Prison?

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How Long Does Rick Stay at the Prison In The Walking Dead? I Say About 8 Months To answer the question of how long does Rick stay at the Prison in the Walking Dead, a heck of a lot longer than the farm is the real answer to this question, as the Prison era of The Walking Dead appears to last about 7 to 8 months. The timeline from when they go to the camp to the farm is about 1 [...]

30 07, 2021

Is Rick Immune to the Virus?

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Is Rick Immune to the Virus? My Take on the Healing Factor in The Walking Dead Is Rick immune to the virus? Given the somewhat miraculous healing factor and ability to adapt to these insane circumstances that the show portrays, I would say that yes, Rick Grimes is probably somewhat immune to the virus. It is said that everyone however is infected, but I just can't ever see the show portraying a Walker Rick Grimes limping over to attack someone, the [...]

29 07, 2021

How Long Was Ricks Group at The Farm?

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How Long Was Ricks Group at the Farm, My Take on This Part of The Walking Dead So I have something of a mixed reaction with the scenes of the farm in the Walking Dead. On the one hand, it is kind of classic walking dead while they are still at the farm, it isn't until Season 3 episode 1 when Rick starts to become something of a war mongered, building up the prison, taking on the Governor and taking out [...]

29 07, 2021

What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors?

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What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors? What Season does Rick attack the saviors? After 7 full seasons of eating shit, Rick finally made a huge comeback against the Saviors, attacking the Sanctuary with an army of soldiers and winning in Season 8, episode 1 of the Walking Dead. By the end of Season 8, Rick had taken Negan out of contention completely, and had united the saviors in with the rest of the group to become one peaceful group of [...]

3 07, 2021

Is Rick In Love With Jessie From the Walking Dead?

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Is Rick in Love With Jessie from The Walking Dead? Ah the relationship between Rick Grimes and Jessie from the Walking Dead. They have something of a complex relationship indeed, and it falls somewhere in between a husband and wife relationship and a father daughter relationship. While there is obviously some sexual tension and chemistry between the two of them, it appears that Rick is also extremely protective of her, and for more of a reason that the fact that he [...]

6 06, 2021

What Kind of Gun Does Rick Grimes Have?

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What Kind of Gun Does Rick Grimes Have? In this blog post, I walk through the type of gun that Rick Grimes uses in The Walking Dead, which is a variation of the python pistol from Call of duty, and will explain why it is such an effective weapon, since it is a one shot kill’s headshot for just about anything nearby. This is a very heavily search term on Google, and it is something that I really have considered writing [...]