22 01, 2022

Rick Grimes As a Zombie, What This Would Look Like

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Rick Grimes as a zombie, What This Might Look Like Rick Grimes being a zombie is definitely something that creates an interesting premise for kitty planet The Walking Dead. When we look at Rick Grimes and how he has been practically immortal for the entire series of The Walking Dead, it is crazy to think that our hero could ever get there and turn into a zombie. In this blog post however, I am here to tell you what I think [...]

24 12, 2021

Marvel Zombies Review, Iron Man Zombified

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Marvel Zombies Review, Iron Man and Friends Zombified I just watched the new Marvel What If Cartoon series and I found it to be extremely entertaining and hilarious. It is truly amazing to me the amount of really good movies and shows that Marvel is able to keep cranking out, as myself and many others thought that after Endgame it was essentially going to be Marvel's endgame, and that they had no new material left to crank out. But boy was [...]