Why Did Shane Go Crazy in the Walking Dead?

The majority of the reason that Shane went crazy in the Walking dead was due to his relationship with Laurie, his best friends wife. Many fans believed that this was something of a turning point in the show, in that the relationship between Shane and rick was arguably even closer than that of Rick and Daryl. Had Shane been able to keep his distance, even disclosing and apologizing right away from the beginning, that could have kept his relationship with Rick alive. However, to a point, ending Shane in Season 2 actually made the show even better in my opinion, and the Shane cameo in Season 9 of the Walking Dead at the bridge between Hilltop and Alexandria when Rick needed it the most turned into one of the best scenes in the show, and so, in this blog post, lets answer the question of Why did Shane go Crazy in the Walking Dead, and the steps that ultimately led him there:

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Why Did Shane Go Crazy? The Things That Started the Dominos

  1. Rick coming back -This was the first part of Shane’s psychological collapse. For starters, he had a girlfriend that he was in love with, and was getting regular sex. All of a sudden this stopped, and now he was banging some else’s wife, not a great moment for Shane!
  2. Shane having to take out Otis – This is the scene where Carl gets shot and they are trying to get medication for him to do the surgery to save his life. And so, Shane and Otis have to come back with the supplies. Shane ends up shooting Otis in the kneecaps so that the hoard of zombies takes him instead of Shane, leaving him to not only live but also to get Carl his much needed medication. Why Does Shane go Crazy in the Walking Dead?
  3. Shane having fights with Hershel – Shane never really got along with Hershel much, or with a lot of the group. This began to have him talking with Andrea about the both of them leaving together. Eventually Andrea would end up getting separated in the battle of the farm, and Shane would end up being taken out by Rick right before the farm was destroyed.
  4. Shane sleeping with Andrea – This was probably the pinnacle moment for the both of them.
  5. Shane leading Rick out into the woods – This was the lowest moment for Shane I think. Shane is bringing Rick out into the woods on a fake hunt, intending to take him out. Instead, Rick tricks him, and ends up killing him himself. Carl would eventually shoot the zombie version of Shane.


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Why Did Shane Go Crazy, My Final Thoughts

And so just as probably anyone would in the circumstances that he had found himself in, Shane inevitably went crazy, trying to take out his best friend and sleep with his wife, having the Carl and Laurie family for himself. I have got to say that I think the Walking Dead has gotten better as time went on, rather than decayed. The first two seasons seem somewhat off when you consider how well run seasons 3,4,5 and 6 are. And for more information on all things the Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.








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