Although there were other coupled on The Walking Dead, Glenn and Maggie stood out as the perfect couple. The two advanced from a no strings attached relationship to being married and becoming parents. Although Negan killed Glenn before Maggie could deliver the baby, they had cemented their place as the power couple. Firstly, the two supported each other physically and emotionally. Glenn comforted Maggie when she lost close members of her family at the farm. He was very concerned about her because she was emotional, hysterical, and uncontrollable. Glenn also comforted Maggie when her sister was killed. He was always there for her whenever she needed moral support. In an apocalypse, it wasn’t easy to trust and rely on someone else, but Maggie and Glenn chose to be there for each other regardless of the circumstances.


Finding love, marrying, and having children during an apocalypse is nearly impossible, but Glenn and Maggie made it happen. It is not an easy feat because finding love alone is an uphill battle. Glenn and Maggie found each other in chaos, loved each other, and agreed to start a family. Glenn went ahead and asked Maggie’s father, Hershel, for blessings before proposing and marrying Maggie. After the Governor attacked the prison, Glenn and Maggie were separated, but they did not give up on each other. The two were determined to find each other, and against all odds, they eventually met en route to the Terminus. It is inspiring to imagine how lucky they were to find each other under such circumstances.


Maggie and Glenn communicated effectively. Even though they argued or disagreed, they eventually solved their issues. For example, Glenn was angry at Maggie and the Governor because he assumed that Maggie was raped. However, after being angry for a few days, they later talked and reconciled. Finally, Maggie and Glenn were the perfect parents. Maggie wanted to be a mother, and she finally got pregnant. The two agreed to move to the Hilltop because it was secure and there was a doctor who could help Maggie deliver the baby safely.