Why did Jadis betray Rick Grimes? There are a few possible explanations.

The first is that she simply saw an opportunity to get ahead. By aligning herself with Negan, she knew she would be in a position of power. She may have thought that Negan would eventually win the war, and she wanted to make sure that she came out on top when that happened. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why Jadis betrayed Rick and sided with Negan in Season 7 of The Walking Dead.  This was a huge shocker and one of the craziest scenes of Season 7, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information! Just why did Jadis betray Rick Grimes? Negan had the upper hand, and she was beholden to just that.

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Why Did Jadis Betray Rick Grimes?

Another possibility is that Jadis has always been a survivor first and foremost. She may have thought that Rick and his group were going to lose, and she wanted to make sure she survived no matter what.

It’s also possible that Jadis simply doesn’t trust Rick. She may have thought he was too soft or that he just simply lacked the luck or the man power to win the battle. In any case, the betrayal was short lived, and she would eventually go on to make it up to Rick and then some by what is likely her getting him a ticket to the Civic Republic, also saving him from his injury on the bridge.

Who Is Jadis from The Walking Dead?

Jadis is a powerful and enigmatic leader of the Scavengers, a group of survivors who live in the junkyard in which they scavenge for supplies. Not much is known about Jadis’ past, but she is a fierce and determined survivor who will do whatever it takes to protect her people. Jadis is now rich and has made it to the Civic Republic in the new Season of Fear The Walking Dead.

Why I Think Jadis Originally Sided With Negan

My speculation is that Negan had some kind of gun to her head in terms of going after her group. Jadis sided with the group that she thought could empower her the most, which at the time was Negan. On a side note, I just watched the episode where Negan had guns to the back of everyone’s head within Season 7 of The Walking Dead, and it is crazy to think that Rick and his group was actually able to come back from that. Negan could have just blasted all of them right then and there and he would have maintained his power. Very interesting episode, and it shows some very cool political lessons that you see in historical politics and within old history books like The Prince.




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