26 03, 2022

Why Did Rick Chop Off Hershels Leg?

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Why Did Rick Chop Off Hershels Leg? How Rick Saved Hershel From The Zombie Bite Why did Rick Chop off Hershels leg in The Walking Dead? In Season 3 of TWD, which in my opinion was likely the most depressing season of the show, Hershel gets bit by a walker at one point, and he basically faces a choice, succumb to a slow and painful death by fever, or sever off the limb as soon as humanly possible. Rick Grimes, knowing [...]

7 01, 2022

Rick Grimes Vs Walter White

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Rick Grimes vs Walter White, How This Epic Rap Battle of History Went In this Rick Grimes vs Walter White blog post, I am going to format this a little differently than I typically do, as it is going to be a blurb rather than a blog post. A snippet of this epic rap battle of history is that I think Walter White won the rap battle because he is LOUDER than Rick Grimes is, and because he is much more [...]

25 12, 2021

Why This Walking Dead Blog Makes Me Passive Income

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Why This Walking Dead Blog Makes Me Passive Income, Some Very Quick Insight Into This Website In this blog post, I will walk through, in super quick fashion, why this Walking Dead blog makes me passive income. My plan for this website, due to the niche that it is in (it is a Walking Dead website with a lot of references to guns, killing, stabbing, zombies etc. which makes it very hard to monetize on certain other ad platforms like adsense [...]

18 12, 2021

Surprising Strangers With 100 Zombies Review

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Surprising Strangers With 100 Zombies Review, My Favorite Mr. Beast Video! I have been getting absolutely obsessed with Mr. Beast videos since last night, and so I thought it fitting to write a blog post review about one of their zombie videos, on my Walking Dead Zombie blog. In this video, Mr. Beast pays 100 actors to put makeup on like Zombies, while he himself also gets Hollywood makeup done to become a zombie. The 100 of them pay random people [...]

26 08, 2021

We Are the Walking Dead, Rick’s Amazing Speech

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We Are the Walking Dead, The Most Amazing Speech of Rick Grimes I watched this scene again in the Walking Dead, where Rick Grimes gives a speech about how he asks his Grandfather what happened in the war, and of how he got through these harsh times of battle. The more I watch the show the Walking Dead, the more I see the soldiers in the faces of each character, and the more I start to see each character basically develop [...]

31 07, 2021

How long Between the Prison and Alexandria?

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How Long Between the Prison and Alexandria? In terms of distance, since it was technically the West Georgia Correctional Facility that they were at, I would say it is about 50 miles from Alexandria, in terms of the question of how long between the prison and Alexandria in terms of the timeline however, from the beginning of the prison to Alexandria is about 10 months in Walking Dead time, with the end of the Prison to the start of Alexandria lasting [...]

31 07, 2021

What Episode Does Rick See Loris Ghost?

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What Episode Does Rick See Loris Ghost? That Would Be Season 3, Episode 6 "Hounded" What episode does Rick see Loris Ghost? In Season 3, episode 6 of the Walking Dead, the episode known as "Hounded" Rick Grimes begins to have a number of hallucinations, understandably so since he just lost his wife. In possibly one of the most terrifying episodes of the show, we see our beloved hero Rick Grimes begin to gradually slip into insanity, hallucinating phone calls that [...]

30 07, 2021

The Walking Dead Timeline, How Far into the Apocalypse Are They?

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The Walking Dead Timeline, How Far into the Apocalypse Are they? This is a question that I often search in terms of the Walking Dead, with the Walking Dead timeline often being something that is very difficult to find an accurate record of online. In using this blog post however, I will attempt to answer all of those questions such as "how long was Rick Grimes at the farm?" or when did Rick take out Shane, or how long were they [...]

29 07, 2021

The Walking Dead and Coronavirus, The Eerie Parallels

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The Walking Dead and Coronavirus, The Eerie Parallels The Walking Dead and Coronavirus, it is pretty scary to look at some of the parallels between these two, and while obviously COVID-19 never got this bad, we basically got the real world equivalent of the Walking Dead in February and March of 2020. While obviously it wasn't as bad as say the CDC episode of the Walking Dead way back in 2012, and while we aren't running around taking people out with [...]

11 06, 2021

Will The Walkers Eventually Die Out?

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Will the Walkers Eventually Die Out? My Take on This Mystery of The Walking Dead So, in the Walking Dead, there is one mystery that has always sort of confused me, and I am not the first one to question this topic. It is the question of will the Walkers eventually die out in the Walking Dead? I personally say that they will weaken but never die out fully, as it probably wouldn't make for much of a TV show, however [...]