Rick Grimes Fights His Way Back Into the RV, And Amazing Scene Of Willpower for Rick

One of my favorite scenes in the Walking Dead is the one where Rick Grimes fights his way back into the RV in Season 7 of the Walking Dead. This scene is very early into the Negan and Rick Grimes arc, and here Negan has a massive upper hand. Rick would soon come back though, and would lead him and his group to take down the Saviors, merging the groups together and putting Negan in a cell for the next 7 years. In this scene however, Negan has the upper hand, and he does a fantastic yet brutal job of using that to its fullest capacity against our hero, Rick Grimes. Here we see Negan with the bat scene where he starts taking out members of Rick’s group one at a time, taking out Abraham and Glenn and getting rid of Daryl as he gets imprisoned back at the Sanctuary. We see him kidnapping Rick, throwing his Axe out into the middle of a herd of Walkers and saying “bring me back my Axe” forcing Rick to fight for his life. Rick grabs the Axe and takes out as many Walkers as humanly possible, before finally fighting his way back into the van.

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Why Did Negan Throw Rick Out Into a Herd of Walkers?

Immediately after Rick has to go through all of this, we see Negan say to him “do you have any idea what that trip was all about?” From here, while Rick has no idea, Negan says it’s because it was the way that Rick looked at him, basically looking at him like he was the bad guy and like he was going to take him down, versus with a look of desperation and fear like Negan wanted him to. From here, Negan nearly lets him take off Carl’s arm with his hatchet, and that provides the awful look of desperation that Negan was looking to see in Rick’s eye.

What Happened Right After This Scene, And What Changed The Way That Rick Looked at Negan

Rick looked at Negan differently after that, at least for some time. However the look came right back, Rick is just too darn strong to keep down, and Negan really should have taken him out when he had the chance that one night back in Alexandria in Season 6 episode 11. We see Rick go after him, about 1 Season after this, using the first opportunity he had to rebel and attack Negan with all he had. He first knocked Negan on his behind with the car, and that got him bleeding and weaker. Then we see Rick extremely pissed off, taking out his weapon and attacking with all he had with literally 0 hesitation. He nearly takes him out here, and Negan gets lucky and slips away, otherwise Rick would have. I love how he was being default impetuous and aggressive here, and of how he even went as far as to toss his Axe Towards Negan, disarming him when he had his signature bat.

How Rick Came Back in Season 8 Episode 4, Nearly Getting His Just Desserts as Rick Grimes Fights His Way Back Into the Van Again!

Rick almost made Negan look weak because of how brutal he was in this scene, and to this day I think this might be my favorite comeback scene in the Walking Dead. Here it is below in its entirety:

How Rick Won The Battle In The End

Rick eventually wins the battle in the end by inspiring his group to come together with other groups to take out the saviors, using them to fortify themselves and eventually win the war. It was so cool to see him combine the Kingdom, the Scavengers, Alexandria, the Hilltop and Oceanside all together in order to take down the Saviors. Even with all this, Eugene was the final wildcard that Rick never realized he had as a feather in his cap, as he was the one that actually took Negan out in the end.




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