11 10, 2022

Why Didn’t Daryl Give the Dog a Proper Name?

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Why Didn’t Daryl Give the Dog a Proper Name? Just why didn't Daryl give the dog a proper name? In this blog post, we'll explore the psychology of Daryl Dixon, and will run through just a few reasons why Daryl likely named his dog "dog" and why that adorable German shephard that he has does not really see to care much. In this blog post, we'll look at the character of Daryl, why I think I have finally figured him out [...]

8 01, 2022

Rick Grimes And Daryl Dixon, A Story of Friendship

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Rick Grimes And Daryl Dixon, A Story Of Friendship The story of Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon, there’s no doubt a story of friendship. Friendships soon turns to brotherhood, and we see their love for one another, in a brotherly love sort of way transgress some pretty amazing situations, as they help each other out in truly amazing ways. Some of the most noteworthy scenes were Rick and Daryl help each other in huge ways, is how Daryl Helped to watch [...]

4 09, 2021

Is Daryl a Virgin?

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Is Daryl a Virgin? Is Daryl a virgin? This is something that I’ve seen pop up a lot in walking dead fan fiction add in the search engine results. Personally, since we never see Daryl have sex at all in The Walking Dead, or even really flirt with a girl aside from Beth for a brief moments, so I wouldn’t call it flooding, I think it’s very possible that Daryl is actually a virgin. Well I can’t think of who Daryl [...]