Bear McCreary Taking Alexandria Back, My New Favorite Song of All Time

The song Bear McCreary taking Alexandria back is what I am listening to right now to write this blog post, and I have got to say that this has to be one of my favorite songs of all time, and that’s really saying something for just some Walking Dead theme music. Every single time I listen to this song it really gets the Warrior in me fired up, I feel like I am ready to go, ready to go into battle and fight fight fight! It is a song of conquering, of human strength, of pushing forward against all odds and of attacking with every piece of might that you have left. I am quite literally getting chills as I write this blog post listening to the song, as I am imagining Rick Grimes, Glenn, Maggie, Eugene, and everyone else in the show quite literally saving Alexandria by nothing but their sheer force of will power. And so, in this blog post, I’ll describe this scene in Alexandria and will walk through why it is absolutely bad ass!

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Bear McCreary Taking Alexandria BackThe scene where this song begins to play is the one where Carl gets his eye shot out. It is really cool how the writers made this episode come together, in that you see Jessie’s son trying to take out Carl because he is upset that Rick took out the kids father. It is actually this kid that really saves Alexandria, as he shoots out Carl’s eye, giving Rick one final ounce of strength to take out his aggression on. As the Walkers that have invaded Alexandria are moving in on the hospital room that Carl is having surgery in, you can see Rick Grimes look of hopelessness and desperation, turn into a look of fury and action. He walks outside to confront the hoard of Walkers, not only to deter them away from Carl to save his life, but also in a pit of blind rage that he needs to take out. It was like the Universe set everything up in a ridiculous turn of events to have Alexandria defeat the herd of zombies!

Not only does this have Rick Grimes able to satisfy his angry emotions, but also does it inspire other Alexandrians to go on and attack the herd with Rick. His will power and determination quite literally got the rest of the people around him to attack the herd of Walkers, which then gives them enough momentum for them to attack the herd and win the battle! This fight ends with Daryl using a rocket launcher to light the lake on fire, which gives the Walkers a flame to walk towards. Rick sees this light of saving grace and says “don’t let up” as the remaining Alexandrians keep attacking as much as humanly possible, defeating the herd in full by morning.

Bear McCreary Taking Back Alexandria – My Final Thoughts

This was quite literally the best written scene that I have ever seen on television, it was a better war scene than saving private Ryan in its entirety, and it was an absolutely beautiful display of human strength. I still get chills thinking of the scene as I am writing this blog post about it, nuff said! For more information on all things the Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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