Rick Grimes as a zombie, What This Might Look Like

Rick Grimes being a zombie is definitely something that creates an interesting premise for kitty planet The Walking Dead. When we look at Rick Grimes and how he has been practically immortal for the entire series of The Walking Dead, it is crazy to think that our hero could ever get there and turn into a zombie. In this blog post however, I am here to tell you what I think this might look like, how Rick might get it, and how he would likely behave as a zombie. I’ll see this right now, I would not wanna go up against Rick Grimes, or a Darrell zombie, and that they would definitely be extremely powerful and extremely difficult to take out. And so, let’s look at how Rick Grimes might become a zombie.

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Rick Grimes As a Zombie, How This Might Play Out

Rick Grimes As a ZombieOne circumstance in which I could see Rick Ross becoming a zombie, is by sacrificing himself to save someone on his team. Someone like to put himself in place of Derrell so that he doesn’t getbit, or his own son Carl, or his wife Michonne. This is probably the only circumstance where I can see him getting caught off guard. Rick is extremely powerful in the world of The Walking Dead, and him getting beard is almost uncanny, as we see him having taken on entire hordes all by himself.

Final Thoughts On Rick Grimes As a Zombie, How This Would Likely Go

A circumstance where I could see Rick possibly fighting for his life or that of another, would be similar to that of Alexandria, saves Carl’s wife after Carl’s pie gets shot. Picture it happening again anymore post apocalyptic Alexandria world, Rick is just watching his son Carl get attacked by a member of the whispers, and he’s fighting off a herd of zombies with his bare hands. We see Carlos struggling for his life as we having so many earlier points of the show, and we see Rick doing everything humanly possible in order to save him. In looking at what might happen, we can imagine a herd of zombies closing in on Carl, and Rick witnessing his son about to get fit.

From here, we can see that Rick might become careless as he is massively driven by emotions, as any man would be in such a circumstance, as he fights to save Carl’s life, and does sell. Unfortunately he suffers a nasty fight in the process, cancer comes to becoming a zombie. Carl takes out the Rick Grimes zombie, much does he did in the past with Shane, when he was eventually taken out and became a zombie. It would be a gruesome showing on TV, and I hope they never go this route, especially with the Andrew Lincoln walking dead ending fan theory. Hope you join the blog post, like and subscribe for more information.




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