Glenn and Maggie First Time In The Pharmacy, My Absolute Favorite Scene

The Glenn and Maggie first time scene is one of the most wholesome and happy scenes in the entire show, it is pure, it is love, and it is really an awesome scene. It is the first time that Glenn and Maggie hook up, and it is on a supply run in the pharmacy while the group is staying at the farm. Aside from the Walker that they have to kill that briefly interrupts this, this is about as close as you get to a good, beautiful and happy scene on The Walking Dead. We see them have sex for the first time in Season 2, episode 4 during a supply run where just the two of them go off together. There is a walker there that Glenn has to take out, but after this it is pretty much open season. This scene starts out essentially with passionate love making and goes from there, read on the blog post for a full description of exactly what happened!

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Glenn and Maggie Have Sex for the First Time, My Review

So basically, the scene starts out at the beginning of the episode, where Laurie starts to suspect that she is pregnant. She asks Glenn to go into town for her and get her a pregnancy test so that she can find out for sure (her having the child would eventually be what ends her while in the prison during Season 3). Glenn runs into town to go and get supplies, and they tell him to take Maggie along with him. While in the feminine hygiene products section, he finds a box of condoms, which he picks up and is looking at. While he is picking up the box, Maggie sneaks up behind him and Glenn and Maggie First Timesays “you got a girlfriend I don’t know about?” Glenn is startled, but in kind of a loveable way. From here, he says no, and Maggie responds “then I’d say your a pretty confident guy.” Glenn replies with something along the lines of “No, I wasn’t, I would never have sex with you…I mean uh….I got nothing.” From here, Maggie says “I’ll have sex with you.” My Man! Glenn says “you will?” She says something along the lines of “just once, it’s not like there’s a lot of options in guys here,” and then she begins to strip. Proceed to them getting it on.

From here, we fast forward to them riding on horses back to the farm, Maggie more or less content, and with Glenn having a big smile on his face. Glenn says “so it was good right” to which Maggie just kind of shrugs it off and says “that was just a one time thing.” Obviously they would go on to get married and for Maggie to become the mother of Glenn’s child. They were the ultimate Apocalypse, Walking Dead couple indeed.

Why Maggie Decided to Have Sex with Glenn

It’s really cool to see all of the shit tests between Maggie and Glenn, to see her teasing him and to see him gradually living up to her expectations and breaking her in to him. Aside from the fact that the probably was genuinely physically attracted to Glenn, like she said there were not a whole lot of other options, it’s not like there were that many sane people that were her age around that camp (I think she was 26 and he was 28 or something like that). Aside from that, they had the benefit of mutual suffering bringing them together, and I think that had they even found each other under more normal circumstances that they still may have gotten together. Gosh darn it me writing this blog post is really making me realize that I need a girlfriend!

Final Thoughts on My Glenn and Maggie First Time Review, A Truly Awesome Scene

This was probably one of my favorite all time scenes in the whole show. It is lover energy instead of Warrior Energy, and really displays the love that these two had. I have never seen another couple that gets as close to the type of genuine romance that these two have. It’s like Rick said when he and Glenn were driving back in the car and Glenn is all nervous about this new romance “hey that’s good stuff man, we don’t get enough of that these days.” Nuff said. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information on all things The Walking Dead.






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