Rick and Michonne First Time, What Episode Do Rick And Michonne First Have Sex?

The Rick and Michonne first time episode happens just before Rick meets Jesus, the character (Paul Rovia) is I believe the name that the character has. We see this scene when they are worried about a break in in their home in Alexandria, and Rick and Michonne both run out half naked, the jig is up. Carl even catches them, but he, being much more mature than his age due to the crazy amount of hardship that they have all endured, as well as Michonne being something of a step mother to him, is actually pretty cool with it. We see them flirting mildly back in the prison arc of Season 3, and Michonne more than serves her part with the group to earn her place. But when is the Rick and Michonne first time, and what is the Michonne and Rick Tension like by Season 6 of the show?

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Rick and Michonne First Time? When Do They Have Sex And When Do They Have a Baby

Rick and Michonne are shown to first have sex in Season 6 of The Walking Dead. They are on the couch after a long day at work, and it becomes clear that they are more than just friends or roommates at this point. They being to kiss, and I believe it is implied until we eventually see them both naked in bed, with Michonne on her belly and a smile on her face. They begin to hook up pretty regularly from here, and we see them even enjoying going out and scavenging together and hooking up over and over again in the back of a van. Rick has a girlfriend and Michonne has a boyfriend and it is awesome for both of them and the viewers! Michonne has Rick’s baby I believe after Rick has passed, sometime around Season 10 of the show.

Why I Think Michonne Works As Rick’s Wife More Than Even Lori Did

Lori was a good housewife when Rick just had a 9 to 5 as a cop, however she was not cut out for this world of the Walking Dead, and was mainly a huge liability for Rick Grimes. We do see Michonne however as a great warrior and as essentially the perfect partner to Rick Grimes in this new type of environment that they are in. Michonne is a fighter that can hold her own, the same as Rick, and that’s why they pair so well together.

Why I Think Michonne Is a Fantastic Step Mother to Carl

Michonne is such a good step mother to Carl because she is like the softer touch of Rick Grimes. And on top of this, she can actually protect and help train him when they are out in the wild. Carl has touched the lives of so many in TWD, including Michonne and Hershel, who saved his life at one point. Michonne and Rick make the awesome mom and dad pair to him!

Final Thoughts On the Rick and Michonne First Time, One of the Best Story Arc’s Of The Entire Show

So that’s when it first happened! Michonne and Rick are by far my favorite couple of the series. Feel the same way? Comment down below and let us know.




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