Is The Walking Dead Popular Anymore? The Most Popular Show On Earth!

The Walking Dead is still one of the most popular television shows on air, despite its decline in ratings over the past few seasons. The show’s large and passionate fan base has kept it afloat, and it remains one of the top-rated cable dramas. While its popularity may have dipped somewhat, The Walking Dead is still a force to be reckoned with in terms of its viewers, as they still get 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 views per episode, even with the 80% drop in where their viewers used to be. In this blog post, I will answer the question of is the Walking Dead popular anymore, and will tell you why I think the answer to this question is still a resounding, heck yes!

Will We See Rick Grimes Before Walking Dead Season 11 Is Up?

Is The Walking Dead Popular Anymore?The Walking Dead has been on for ten seasons now, and in that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes. The show started with Rick Grimes waking up from a coma in the hospital to find the world had ended while he was asleep. He then met a group of survivors who were all fighting to stay alive in a world full of Walkers (the TWD equivalent of movie zombies) which led us to the main focal point of the show for the next decade or so.

We have not seen Rick Grimes since he took out the bridge in Season 9 Episode 5. Why did Rick destroy the bridge and disappear, in case you needed a refresh? The Whisperers had been attacking Alexandria for a while and in the last episode before the time jump, we see that things are not going well. The Whisperers have managed to kidnap several Alexandrians, including Rosita and Ezekiel, and are holding them hostage. In order to save his friends and prevent any more deaths, Rick makes the decision to destroy a massive herd of Walkers, which we don’t know for sure are either actual Walkers or Whisperers, and in the process saved Hilltop.

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Final Thoughts On Is The Walking Dead Popular Anymore, And My Season 11 Predictions For Rick Grimes

Since then, Rick was taken away in a mysterious helicopter, and we have been led to believe that he is now with Jedis at the Civic Republic, a community as much as five times larger than the common wealth, and exponentially more powerful, though this has never been confirmed. My guess is we see Andrew Lincoln reprise his role as Rick Grimes once again in something like the penultimate episode of Walking Dead Season 11 towards the end of 2022, I want it on record that I guessed this, right here in this blog post on 4/13/2022 if I’m right!

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