Is Daryl a Virgin?

Is Daryl a virgin? This is something that I’ve seen pop up a lot in walking dead fan fiction add in the search engine results. Personally, since we never see Daryl have sex at all in The Walking Dead, or even really flirt with a girl aside from Beth for a brief moments, so I wouldn’t call it flooding, I think Is Daryl a Virgin?it’s very possible that Daryl is actually a virgin. Well I can’t think of who Daryl might have ever slept with, his brother Muryl Dixon, could very well have been a virgin also, though I think this is much less likely.

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We have seen him flirt with Andrea and other females in the show, but we have not seen Daryl do this. The one thing that I like a lot about Daryl‘s character is that he’s a hard-core warrior. He doesn’t get involved with peoples women and he always strives to be a powerful and hard-working leader within the group. Daryl is basically the right hand man of Rick Grimes throughout The Walking Dead series. He is the chief of staff to the president, he is the Simon to his Negan, and now that I’m thinking of it, it’s pretty darn cool that he’s Rick’s right hand man and associate. Rick having married Michonne, and using Daryl as his best friend and right hand man, is definitely the smartest move in the series for him, and then he picked extremely strong people, people that are about as strong if not stronger than him, to assist him.

Is Daryl a Virgin? Why Did He Never Wife Up Carol

Back to the virgin thing, I believe Daryl with something of a woodsman back in normal civilization within the shell, and so I don’t see him ever really having the time or maybe the interest in having sex with in the show, maybe he is asexual which is why he’s a virgin, just my two cents. The only women that we really see him have a mild attraction to is possibly Beth at one point, and especially Carol. If I was him and I was a virgin….with that attraction that he and Carol both have, I would most definitely tied the knot with Carol at some point in the show, might as well get it in while you can, life’s short in TWD! Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional info on all things TWD. 






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