Is Rick Immune to the Virus? My Take on the Healing Factor in The Walking Dead

Is Rick immune to the virus? Given the somewhat miraculous healing factor and ability to adapt to these insane circumstances that the show portrays, I would say that yes, Rick Grimes is probably somewhat immune to the virus. It is said that everyone however is infected, but I just can’t ever see the show portraying a Walker Rick Grimes limping over to attack someone, the dude is just too darn powerful for that to happen to him. And while he is not literally immune to the virus, ie. he is infected just like everyone else (if he dies he will come back as a Walker due to the airborne virus, per Bruce Jenner in the CDC episode) and while obviously if he did get bit by a walker he would definitely become infected, I think the strength he has built up due to living in this period of time has made him immune by his sheer fighting spirit. If you can tell from this point, it seems that he just cannot lose, he keeps going and going, and keeps finding a way to win and make it to the next level, and so, I would say that, from that point of view, Rick is technically immune to the virus. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Other TWD survivors that are technically immune to the virus due to their awesome fighting skills include the following:

Is Rick Immune to the Virus?Eugene


Rick Grimes


Maggie Greene


Carl Grimes




And a host of other powerful characters, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Is Rick Immune to the Virus? Why Rick is Technically Immune to the Virus

So, by the above points, Rick probably has some type of physical immunity built up to the virus. The one cool thing that I like about the show is just the awesome healing factor of these characters, they are able to put up with literally an immense amount of destruction and despair and keep going on and on no matter what. These people are all extremely tough and are just freaking warriors, and are able to keep going and fighting in the face of all odds. The odds are so slim in the show that they would still be going right now, but it’s as Harvey Specter says, don’t play the odds play the man!

Times Rick Grimes Almost Got Taken Out, My Favorite Scenes

  1. The Bridge
  2. Fight with Shane
  3. First Attack from Negan
  4. Battle of the Farm
  5. Beating from the Governor

These all left Rick gravely injured, especially the bridge and the time when the Governor just beat him mercilessly. But he was able to bounce back from all of them, like I said, the healing factor on this show is insane!

Final Thoughts on Is Rick Immune to the Virus?

So, like I said above, his healing factor is so good that I have no doubt that he is immune to the virus. There is even a joke from Andrew Lincoln at one point in the Youtube series where the final shot is Rick Grimes walking through a hoard of walkers, and the Walkers all part for him like the red sea, and Rick is the cure. That would be awesome, but him heading out at the bridge was cool too. For more information on all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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