Negan vs the Governor, How Does Negan Compare To The Governor?

In the Negan vs The Governor debate of The Walking dead, I have actually been seeing a decent amount of blog posts and videos about this lately, so I thought I would make an article about it. And so, in this blog post, I would like to take the time to discuss some differences and similarities between Negan and the Governor, strengths and weaknesses of both men, and how they would likely fare going up against one another. Now, both men are from somewhat different time frames, with the Governor being primary Seasons 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead, being around 3 or 4 years into the apocalypse, and with Negan’s Saviors lasting all the way up to the end of Season 8, and with Negan still being alive to make a new group all the way thereafter, even going so far as to create his own people once again. Strength and ability are all that matter in TWD it seems! And so, let’s look at the combination of Negan vs The Governor, who wins and who I would pick to both work with and go up against if I had to. For more details and information on all things TWD, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Negan Vs The GovernorThe traits that I will be using to compare both men in the article include the following:

Physical Strength

Political Ability

People Skills





Working with Others

And a host of other skills, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Negan Vs the Governor, Who Is Physically Stronger?

I give the Governor the advantage in physical strength and aggression here, in that we have seen him beat the crap out of some people in the show, and he nearly chocked the life out of both Michonne and Rick Grimes at one point. His recklessness was both his biggest strength and his biggest weakness, in that he was able to use his impetuous nature to do things like round up troops and more. He could however, have disciplined and directed it more (much like Negan did, who was far more conscientiousness, we see the Governor sleeping in and depressed at times which Negan NEVER does until he is literally completely beaten and imprisoned.)

Who Had Better Political Skills?

I would give Negan the advantage here, although it is very close. In terms of negotiations however, Negan could actually be somewhat agreeable and human at times, and as we see by TWD Season 12, he has actually become a completely different person in the like, 10 or 11 years or something that have passed since his arc with the Saviors. The Governor was not really good at Negotiating, and took much more of a my way or the highway type attitude, even when he was clearly on the losing side of the table. Negan was much better at fortifying his army as well, Rick was able to take a chunk out of Woodbury even when he was weak in Season 3, whereas Negan had him literally scared out of his wits at one point.

Who Had Better People Skills?

I give Negan the advantage on this one as well, although we do see The Governor being human at times. I do think that most of these people just kind of built up personas and an amount of survival aggression that they pretty much built up as a coping mechanism to the harsh environments that they were in. In terms of the Nature, Nurture debate, Walking Dead basically makes it seem like 70%+ nature given how the environment changes everyone on the show in such a drastic way.

Negan Vs the Governor, Why Negan Was Smarter

Negan was smarter for a few reasons. Mainly:

He was able to fortify a very strong army

He lasted much longer

He was able to stand on his own two feet even after completely losing and having to build back up again from absolutely nothing. There is a quote in Machiavelli’s the prince, which is basically a political and power strategy novel that goes something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing here). “When a prince has power and loses it that acquired it by luck, he will never regain it. But when someone with ability has his throne taken by extraordinary circumstances of fortune, then he will gain authority again.” Another way of phrasing this is in the start-up world saying of “once your lucky, twice your good.” Negan got almost back to where he was at, and he survived this long and even got his own spin-off, his authority and power was as a result of skill, not luck!

Negan Vs The Governor, And How Negan Had Much More Momentum On His Side

Negan, I would say also had much more momentum on his side than the Governor. The Saviors had a fortress and a massive amount of troops, and had not been for the trickery of Eugene, I really can’t say who would have won the final battle against the Saviors at the end of Season 8.

Negan Vs The Governor, Why The Governor Would Have Been More Ruthless With The Group The First Time Around

One thing that I will say about the Governor, is that he was a bit more reckless and impetuous than Negan was. Initially, when Negan first met the group and we had the Lucille is hungry scene, had the Governor been in that spot, he would have literally wasted every single one of them right there on the spot. In hindsight, this would have been the prudent move with regards to maintaining his state, in that he wouldn’t have been leaving strong enemies out there to plot against him and eventually take him down. Negan’s cockiness and humanity in this regard, is eventually what led to him losing his state in the end.

Final Thoughts On Negan Vs The Governor, Why I Give Negan The Win Here

And there ya have it. Who do you think was a better bad guy in The Walking Dead, Negan or the Governor? I personally give Negan the win here mainly due to his intelligence and endurance, and for his ability to bend people to his will time and time again. For more details and information on all things TWD, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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