How Many Saviors Are There At The Line Up On Season 7 Walking Dead?

The characters in the Walking Dead series are among the most praised and admired globally, thanks to their prowess. However, breaking down some of their traits and roles in the show is essential to help you get a clearer glimpse. The information on the internet may be overwhelming, with some sources providing false and unreliable information. This short piece will paint a transparent image about two matters: the justification of Negan’s line-up in season 7 and whether enie menie minie moe was real. We’ll also go into detail on answering the question of how many saviors are there at the line up on Season 7 Walking Dead? At a quick glance it looks like Negan had more than 50 Saviors there with him, all armed with guns and all ready to “blow there noses out of their head” at a moments notice, this is why the group had to fold, this is like a combat level situation here, and the group had never experienced anything quite like this before. Add in the distress with trying to save Maggie’s life here, and you’ve got yourself quite an issue.


Was Negan’s line-up justified in Season 7 of The Walking Dead?


How Many Saviors Are There At The Line Up on Season 7 Walking DeadNegan is an antagonist to the group led by Rick Grimes in season 7. Many assume he was a villain because he murdered Glenn and Abraham, but there was some justification for his actions. There is a difference between inciting and retaliating. Negan’s line-up is justified because he retaliated to keep his people alive instead of inciting them.


The situation with Negan differs from what Rick and his group did to Negan’s people in season 6. Rick and company killed Negan’s people in season 6, justifying the act with an excuse of finding food. Nonetheless, it would have been better to develop a better solution since this was an unprovoked step. The killings were also offensive rather than defensive. Therefore, we can justify Negan’s line-up as a revenge mission for his people who Rick murdered in season 6.

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Was Enie, Menie, Minie Moe Real?


Negan’s version starts with the exact “enie menie mini moe” phrase but changes the last part to “catch a tiger tiger by the toe”. He used this game when dealing with his enemies, like Glenn and Abraham, who found themselves at the receiving end of Lucille, a baseball bat Negan used to clear those on his path. The game was real, but the shock didn’t result from its connotations but Negan’s violence.



Negan is among the iconic fictional characters in the Walking Dead TV show. Unfortunately, many blame him for his acts, especially in season 7, when he killed Glenn and Abraham. The information above makes it clear that his line-up was justified. I actually say that he was in the right and that he saw the world for exactly what it was, rather than what they wished it could’ve been, like many others within the show.


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