Rick Interviews with Alexandria, My All Time Favorite Scene in the Show

My favorite scene in the show, is by far and away none other than the scene in which Rick interviews with Alexandria. The reason for this is that it really highlights just how far the characters have come, what they have gone through, and how they are basically now savages, and now completely different people, always prepared for battle at a moments notice. It’s like it’s been Walking Dead outside for 5 years, and all of a sudden you get tossed back into civilization, watching Rick perform this scene and this interview was a lot like imagining what it is like when a solider comes back home from being overseas and has to adjust to civilization again. I also like the scene because of the way that it depicts the warrior archetype, the people of Alexandria have essentially been living in, as Eugene says “damn near nirvana” for a long time, while Rick and his people have been out and about fighting for their lives in literal hell on earth, and they have quite frankly become stronger for it.

Rick Interviews with Alexandria, I Found a Scene that Tops This

Rick Interviews with AlexandriaSo as an update to this scene, I found an episode that actually blows this out of the water recently. This would be Season 6 episode 9, the battle of Alexandria, in which Carl gets his eye shot by the kid that was trying to take him out. Rick runs Carl into the infirmary, doing everything to desperately save his life, with Michonne helping him as much as possible along the way. From here, there is a gigantic hoard of walkers outside the building, and the light from the surgery is attracting them into the building, they are going to break down the door and take all of them out. Rick quickly realizes this, looks out the door, and takes his Axe, and just starts whaling on zombies. He is taking on the entire hoard single handedly, and is winning, or at least he is blocking them from taking out that building, keeping his sons operation going. From here, Michonne goes out to help, and so do the other Alexandrians. Even the most cowardly of them, Eugenie, is inspired to go out and fight. Next thing you know, the entire community of Alexandria is attacking and winning the battle. It ends with Daryl setting fire to the lake, and taking out the entire hoard from here, it was such an inspiring scene and it had me super fired up to go and work!

Rick Interviews with Alexandria, Interview Tips from Rick

From looking at this scene with Rick Grimes, he actually presents some decent interview tips that you can use in the real world, and this is true whether the Zombie apocalypses break out or not.

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  1. Be confident – Rick stands his ground and shows his skillset, namely protecting people. He is cool, collected and confident, and is able to show how much ability he has, winning his people Alexandria.
  2. Be an Expert in your Field – Even if you don’t necessarily have the best charisma in the world, I have found that people like having other people around that are useful and hard working (if they have any sense that is) and that people respect experience and persistence above almost all else, Rick Grimes in this scene uses this to his full advantage here.
  3. Be Yourself – On some level, you can only really put on a front for so long, and so you should be yourself, at least to the extent that it is still professional to as big of a degree as possible.

Final Thoughts on The Alexandria Interview, Why I Love The Scene

This scene, as well as the fighting scene where Rick Grimes goes out there with an Axe are both really amazing! They truly embody the lengths of human strength and willpower, and show what a high level of conscientiousness can do when directed properly. I hope you enjoyed the blog post, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. Till next time, thanks for reading my Walking Dead Blog and my newest side project!









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