Where Is The Commonwealth In The Walking Dead? The State of Ohio

Where is the commonwealth in The Walking Dead? The commonwealth is, from what I can find, actually in the state of Ohio. It is a civilization of over 50,000 people with multiple settlements across the mid-western region of the United States, say a 5 or 6 hour drive from where Alexandria is in Virginia. A long distance for something like The Walking Dead, but still in the United States so not that crazy to think that someone could travel there over say like a period of several years. What I find really interesting about the commonwealth is that even with its vast size, in comparison to the Civic Republic, which has something like 200,000 survivors in a highly efficient beau acracy in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, that the Commonwealth is still very much old school in their housing, and in how they do things. It’s like if the Civic Republic was able to get to 2005 and the Civic Republic was able to get to the 1960’s, with everyone else being stuck in like the 1800’s in terms of quality of life (or much worse.) Really cool themes within the show however, and in this blog post I will explore both civilizations.

Where Is The Commonwealth In The Walking Dead?My rankings of the best and strongest civilizations available include the following, ranked in order:

The Civic Republic Military

The Commonwealth

The Saviors (eventually Alexandria)




The Kingdom

The Scavengers


Other commonfolk without resources who are fending for themselves.

Where Is The Commonwealth In The Walking Dead? Comparing The Commonwealth vs The Civic Republic

Commonwealth is in Ohio as a headquarters, with outposts in the entire midwest region of the United States. The commonwealth is primarily headquarters in Pennsylvania, with outposts again, spanning across the midwest. You would again think that it is possible for the Civic Republic to at least know about the Commonwealth given their vast power and knowledge, however you would also think that given the wars that they waged on other colonies in their vicinity (the ones that were sucking resources out of them) that they eventually destroyed, that they might see the Commonwealth as a threat and choose to go after them.

Has The Civic Republic Ever Attacked The Commonwealth?

No they have not, and it has been said that in Walking Dead Season 11, that we will learn before the series end whether or not The Civic Republic knows about the Commonwealth. My guess is that they know, but that since they are not sucking resources out of the Civic Republic, that they do not care. They do not view them as a threat to their resources, and therefore they do not have to care what they are doing. They are probably imagining that even with the CRM and their fleet of around 200,000 people, in comparison to the Commonwealth and how they have like 50,000 people, that it would be too high a cost and too much a resource expenditure to go after them without casualties.

Final Thoughts On Where Is The Commonwealth In The Walking Dead? My Commonwealth Review

Hope you enjoyed my review of the Commonwealth. I really like how the Walking Dead is moving their civilization within the show up the dominance hierarchy, and I am very much looking forward to seeing whether or not we see Rick Grimes at the Civic Republic in the future here of Season 11 Walking Dead. Be sure to read on and subscribe for additional details and information.




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