What Happened to Bob On The Walking Dead?

Bob Stookey, the character in The Walking Dead, acted by Lawrence Gillard Jr., met a tragic end in the fifth season. So, what happened to Bob walking dead? Bob was among the crucial members of Rick’s group, and he joined the series off-screen in the time skip between the 3rd and 4th seasons. Bob remains with the group until the end of the conflict with the Governor, acted by David Morrissey. After everyone split up, Bob remained in the company of Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). He started a romantic relationship with Sasha. However, this relationship was not fated to last. In this blog post, we’ll look into what happened to Bob on the Walking Dead?

There is not much detail about Bob’s past before the apocalypse, but he survived after the undead overrun of two groups. His skills from the forces came in handy, for he could nurse characters to What happened to Bob on the Walking Dead?recovery and use a riffle when necessary.

What Happened to Bob On The Walking Dead?

Bob’s death came like that of many other people before him. A Walker bite made him turn. Once he was reanimated, Tyreese Williams, played by Chad Coleman, stabbed him.

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Lawrence Gillard Jr. has not spoken about why he exited the series. The reason why he left is not given. It seems like the character arc for Bob ended. His character was killed off like many other characters in the series. All characters in The Walking Dead risk being killed by humans and zombies.

Why Bob Met Such a Tragic TWD End

Bob’s time on the show was about to end when the group was reunited at the end of the fourth season. Soon after, the group was caught up and imprisoned by Gareth and the cannibals at Terminus. They managed to escape, but Gareth’s people recaptured Bob. The cannibals cooked and ate Bob’s leg. They were shocked when Bob told them that zombies had bitten him in an earlier encounter.

The worst part of all this was that he was actually starting to fall in love at this point in the show, with none other than the very attractive Sasha. There’s not much to say about his character at this point, other than that he will be dearly missed.

Seemingly, he was on death’s door at that point. The discovery made the cannibals get defeated faster, but there was no way to save Bob. He went to Gabriel’s church, where he spent the final hours of his life with Sasha.




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