Rick Rebels on Walkers With Hatchet, My Take on The Battle of Alexandria

The scene where Rick rebels on Walkers with the hatchet in Alexandria has got to be by far and away my all time favorite scene on the show. In this scene, Carl has just been shot in the eye where Rick, Carl, Jessie and her kid are all trying to sneak out of the Walker Hoarde. The kid screams, leading him to get eaten, which makes Jessie scream, leading her to get eaten. It is here that Rick Grimes goes into full blown animal mode, Jessie’s hand is still holding Carl’s, and will not let go as she is being eaten. Realizing that this is going to result in Carl taken out, Rick chops off her arm with an Axe. From here, he and Michonne run as fast as humanly possible to get Carl to safety. They end up getting them to the Alexandria doctor, where she needs to put him into surgery in order to remove the bullet from his eye, and they also need the light to see.

Rick realizes that the light is attracting the walkers towards the surgery room, and in an extreme show of just blunt anger and heroism, he takes out his hatchet, and marches right into the middle of the hoarde to take out the Walkers. He takes out 10 to 15 inside of about a minute’s time, and Michonne jumps into the battle with him. This begins to inspire the other Alexandrian’s, until literally every single person that they have available is sick of being prey animals and hiding out in their caves. You can see the Warrior spirit in their eyes as they run out of their homes and begin chopping down every single Zombie in front of them.


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The Bravery of Rick Grimes Inspires the Alexandrians

In an amazing display of courage, their full warrior spirt comes out, and the attack and attack until they finally get a win. Daryl uses the Rocket launcher to light the lake on fire, leading the walkers to all run out

Rick Rebels On Walkers With Hatchet

to that lake in order to satisfy their interest in the lit up flames. The Alexandrians keep on fighting, taking out every last one of them until, by the time the sun comes out, the herd has been defeated entirely, and you see them all lying down on the ground inside the walls completely spent, the Alexandrians have won. The episode ends with Carl Grimes gripping his fathers hand, showing movement and demonstrating that he is alive!

Why This is My Favorite Scene, When Rick Rebels on the Walkers With a Hatchet

This is my favorite scene because it is just so dark inspirational. Seriously if you are having trouble getting through a certain task at work, or getting up some motivation to go to the gym, go ahead and watch this scene and you will be amazed at what you can do! This scene is just pure warrior, savage, animalistic instincts, Rick uses his will power to secure himself up the dominance hierarchy, take out his aggression and save his sons life, an awesome scene indeed! For more information, read on or subscribe to our blog for all things TWD!








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