My Top Ten Walking Dead Episodes, What is the Most Popular Episode of The Walking Dead?

In my top ten Walking Dead Episodes blog post, we are starting with the #1 ranked first, and the #10 ranked last. I personally hate when articles do top ten lists and they make me scroll all the way to the bottom to get my answer, and so here is my top ten list of my personal favorite Walking Dead episodes. I ranked these in order of the chills that they give you down your spine when you are watching the show. For instance, I just watched a 15 minute clip of The Walking Dead that basically made me have to change my shirt and put on deodorant that it was so intense. Those are the type of episodes that get you scary good ratings, and that make this horror, mystery, adventure series as good as it is. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Top Ten Walking Dead EpisodesHere is my top ten Walking Dead Episodes List Summarized:

-Rick Grimes saving Alexandria as #1

-Negan taking everyone out with the bat as #2

-Rick taking out the Bridge as #3

-Rick fighting back against the saviors as #4

-The Battle of The Farm as #5

-The CDC Episode at #6, When Jenner takes out the building

-Getting to Alexandria at #7

-Rick taking out Terminus in the Church at #8

-No Sanctuary, The Arrival at Terminus Episode at #9

-#10, Too Far Gone, The Governor Takes Out Hershel

#11, Honorable Mention – Killer Within – Rick takes out tons of Walkers in the Prison after Lori dies.

As Negan would say, “well, back to it” (leave a comment if you remember what episode that reference was from!)

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Top Ten Walking Dead Episodes, Number 1, “No Way Out”

No way out is the episode where Carl Gets Shot, and where Rick basically gets so angry at that fact that he takes out all of his rage on the massive Walker herd that is out there ravaging Alexandria, thereby inspiring the rest of the Alexandrians to also get up and fight, and destroying the herd in the process. Preacher Gabriel said it best when he went out to start fighting the walkers himself, saying to the group in the church “We’ve been praying. Praying that God will save Alexandria. Well our prayers have been answered. God will save Alexandria, because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves.” Dang right, awesome episode overall here and it has sent the most chills down my spine out of any other episode just because of the sheer amount of triumph and human strength that it shows within the episode.

#2, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Now this is probably the scariest episode of The Walking Dead overall, and that’s because this is the scene where Maggie is having labor contractions and they have to get her to hilltop in order to save her. On the way there, they are stopped by the group of Saviors, who they have been running into at different stops on their path for the last half season or so. Along the way of doing this, Daryl took out one of their groups of men with a rocket launcher, and that sent Negan on a reign of terror against them. He corners the entire group and has them out-gunned, saying that he will take out one of their men, and that if they try to fight back, that they will take out their whole entire group. (Also add to this the fact that they took out an entire Saviors outpost, so they took out like 30 or 40 people.) Favorite quote from this episode, right before he destroys Abraham, which makes Daryl retaliate, resulting in Daryl being kidnapped and thrown in solitary confinement, and which makes him take out Glenn as punishment. Quote is “Moe. Anybody moves, anybody screams, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father. You can blink, you can breathe, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing a lot of that” right before he smashes Abraham. Brutal scene, and by far one of the best and most intense in the show.

#3, “What Comes After?”

This is the scene where Rick takes out the bridge in The Walking Dead. It starts out with him and Daryl in a fight, as Maggie wants to kill Negan but Rick wants to stop her as he thinks that keeping him alive is actually worse for him. As Black Panther would say “The Living Are Not Done With You Yet.” Rick, in order to stop a herd of Walkers headed towards Hilltop from taking out the community, decides to blow the bridge, which saves all of the communities, and eventually gets Rick to the Civic Republic.

#4, “Wrath”

This is the episode where, put quite forwardly, Rick cuts Negan’s throat with a pocket knife, and where he uses the Alexandrian’s, and all the other communities to fight back and take down the Saviors. In an amazing display of both strength and hilarity, Rick Grimes gets together with Oceanside, Hilltop, Alexandria, The Kingdom, and The Scavengers, and creates an army to destroy the Saviors. With all this, it was somewhat not needed, as Eugene rigged the weapons of the Saviors to essentially self destruct, causing the battle to be over before it began. The battles in TWD are like how I imagine 1500s crusades with regards to their sophistication.

#5, “Beside The Dying Fire”

This is the “Battle of the Farm” or the Barn defense scene. The music soundtrack for this is really amazing, as Hershel stands by his farm with a shotgun, almost wanting to go down with his farm at the last moment. Eventually however, Rick and the other’s convince him to leave, and save their own lives, for some time, in the process. If you want to listen to this song, search “beside the dying fire. The Farm’s Final Stand Song.” I am listening to it right now as I am writing this blog post and it is an awesome melody.

#6, “Wildfire”

Wildfire is something of a weird one to add to this list, but I thoroughly enjoyed this episode in that they show the zombification process, and because Jenner the doctor guy basically says that it is going to be so bad it is better to go to sleep. He puts a button on in the building that makes it so it will heat the air at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit or something, making it so that the group has to use a grenade that Andrea had from some excursion. As scary as the later parts of TWD were, there were some moments in Season 1 of the show that were absolutely awful for the group to have to push through.

#7, “Remember”

An argument could honestly be made for this being higher up on this list. In this episode, Rick interviews at Alexandria and it shows on his face just how much he had gone through compared to the Alexandrian’s, who had been essentially living like someone with a 9 to 5 in the United States for like 5 years. The strength of character that he and his group have compared to someone who has been living in a kind of luxury, is very cool to watch in the episodes that follow.

#8, “Strangers”

This episode is actually somewhat weird and slow, right up until the penultimate scene of the Season where Rick takes out the evil Terminus guy with a red machete, just like he said he would do when they had him tied up on the first episode of that series.

#9, “No Sanctuary”

This is a really cool episode because we see the group in likely the worst position that they have ever been in at Terminus. It very quickly a fight for their lives, as Rick and the group destroy the Terminus town, with the help of a little Machiavellianism from Carol.

#10, “Too Far Gone”

This is the episode where the Governor takes out Hershel. It is kind of a messy episode overall, as the Governor takes over another group at the last minute and uses them to go after Rick and his group at the Prison, as they now have the best shelter in the vicinity. That is before the Governor and his team completely destroys it in terrible fashion. The scene where the whole Prison gets taken out is actually pretty darn cool to watch, and that’s why it’s number 10 on this list.

#11 Bonus* “Killer Within”

This is the episode where Lori dies from pregnancy complications, and Rick goes on an absolute rampage, taking out like half the Walkers in the hallways. It also showcases, aside from Rick’s aggression, his absolute torment as he starts to slip and lose his mind, and for good reason.

Final Thoughts On My Top Ten Walking Dead Episodes, My Opinion

The Walking Dead is truly one of the best shows ever to be written on Television. There are episodes within the Series that are so good, like the Saving Alexandria one, that I really cannot see anything ever topping it. Hope you enjoyed, for more details and information on all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.






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