Why Is Rick Grimes Not On The Walking Dead Anymore?

Rick Grimes was a good leader. He could keep people together and motivated during some of the hardest times. He always had a plan and was always looking for ways to make things better for his group. He was also willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. This is evident in how he handled situations with the Governor and Negan. He was always willing to risk himself to protect his friends and family. When it came to fighting, Rick Grimes was a badass. He was never afraid to take on anyone, no matter how big or tough they were. He always had the upper hand in fights and usually won them. This is evident in his fights with the Governor and Negan, as well as other, no named foes. So just why is Rick Grimes not on the Walking Dead Anymore?

Why Is Rick Grimes Not On The Walking Dead Anymore?

Largely, Rick Grimes has been replaced by Negan and Daryl in later episodes of the show. Rick was taken away to what is believed to be the Civic Republic right alongside Jadis, and we are hoping to see this in a later episode of the show. He’s lost both of his right hand man’s, Daryl and Glenn, and out of the original dinner at the CDC, we see that Daryl is the last one. Everyone else is either dead or taken away from the original group, including:

Why Is Rick Grimes Not On The Walking Dead Anymore?Rick Grimes

Carl Grimes



Lori Grimes





Daryl is the only one left. We have a hunch that Rick is still alive but we don’t see him in the show anymore, and really we didn’t get Maggie until Season 2, and she is still very much alive and well as a seasoned warrior now.

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Why Is Andrew Lincoln Not On the Show Anymore?

My guess is that he either had a fight with the writers and they just wrote him off, or there were money disputes, or maybe he just got tired of playing his Walking Dead Character and retired. 10 years or however long he was working on the show for is really an extremely long time, and it is possible he just got sick of playing the character. Personally, I would be cold calling the Walking Dead cast and trying to get Andrew Lincoln to come back onto the show to play Rick like literaelly every single day, because the show has seriously gone downhill without Andrew Lincoln on it, Daryl and Negan are extremely good first baseman characters, but they can never play pitcher like Rick can.

My Speculation On Their Plan to Bring Back Rick Grimes

They are either going to bring him back as the last episode of the series, or they are going to give him his own spin off show, a Michonne and Rick Spinoff just like they are talking about. Personally, I hope they have the entire group make it to the Civic Republic and then have them all hug Rick Grimes as he is standing their in a crisp suit leading a business meeting or something. But that will probably never happen.

Final thoughts on Rick Grimes as a character, Rick is an amazing character and an excellent leader. He’s always looking out for his group and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. He’s also a great fighter and has a strong moral compass. I think he’s an amazing character, and I will miss him dearly.




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