2 05, 2022

Can Negan Be Redeemed In The Walking Dead?

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Can Negan Be Redeemed in The Walking Dead? Negan is one of the most reviled villains in The Walking Dead. He's a ruthless leader on the TV show, and given what he has done to so many on the show, it definitely could be very difficult to see him redeeming himself. However I am going to take the high road here and say that Negan is actually able to be redeemed, and that what he really did in the earlier Seasons [...]

25 03, 2022

Why Did Negan Leave In TWD Season 11?

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Why Did Negan Leave In Walking Dead Season 11? Negan left in Season 11 of TWD because he was being mistreated so badly by the group, and namely by Maggie, that it was literally in his best in his best interest to do so, even if it meant going out alone or making his own group again. I will walk through why Negan leaving was literally the strongest person on their team, and why him walking out was definitely a massive [...]

7 01, 2022

Rick Grimes And Negan, Who Is The Better Man?

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Rick Grimes and Negan, Who Is The Stronger Of These Two Walking Dead Kingpins? Comparing Rick Grimes and Negan happens quite a bit from fans of The Walking Dead TV show. They are both extremely strong men who have both at times and in different situations of The Walking Dead dominance hierarchy. I really can’t tell you which of these two men is stronger, although I would probably give Rick Grimes a very tiny advantage, something like 1%. Rick Rimes definitely [...]

4 09, 2021

How Did Negan Get So much Power?

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How Did Negan Get So Much Power? Negan's Rise to Prominence In Owning the Saviors I found myself recently thinking about how did Negan get so much power? In the Walking Dead, we basically see everyone roaming around as nomads on the side of the road, struggling to stay alive due to a lack of food, water, rest, shelter, and protection against The Walking Dead. It is interesting then, however, that Negan is able to build up a massive Sanctuary, is [...]