Why Did Negan Leave In Walking Dead Season 11?

Negan left in Season 11 of TWD because he was being mistreated so badly by the group, and namely by Maggie, that it was literally in his best in his best interest to do so, even if it meant going out alone or making his own group again. I will walk through why Negan leaving was literally the strongest person on their team, and why him walking out was definitely a massive power move. There is a saying in psychology that once you have betrayed someone 4 or 5 times, that there is quite literally no going back, they will never trust you again. In Negan’s case, with what he did to the group that one day when they were on their knees with the bat, there is quite literally no coming back from that. He will always be the outcast of the group, and if I had had any other option whatsoever, I likely would have left in much the same way that he did. Had he, as he was in power with the Saviors, simply taken out every single person there in the Alexandria group, he would still be in power today, and so, in this blog post, I will tell you why Negan left in TWD season 11, and why this was a major power move. 

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Why Did Negan Leave In Walking Dead Season 11

Had I been Negan, I would have left the group as well, at least eventually. When taking beating after beating from Maggie and the group, it starts to get ridiculous, and after awhile you can only put up with so much. Negan eventually decided to leave the group, leaving Maggie and them high and dry. I think that this was a very smart move on his part, as at a certain point with a person, you just cannot gain back the trust that you have lost from them, and you need to move on and get new people. I think their is a rule in psychology where if you have deceived someone more than like 5 times it is irrecoverable, and they will literally never trust you again. With Negan having taken out Maggie’s former husband, he has pretty much crossed this threshold and then some. It appears that he has now found new people, and that he even got his own Walking Dead spin-off!

Final Thoughts On Why Did Negan Leave In Walking Dead Season 11

Negan left the group in Walking Dead Season 11 because it was the most logical decision for him at that point in time. Say what you will about Negan, he is very smart and calculated, has pretty good people skills, and is actually very logical. I think he made the right decision here and that I likely would’ve done the same thing were I in his shoes. Subscribe for more information!








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