How Did Negan Get So Much Power? Negan’s Rise to Prominence In Owning the Saviors

I found myself recently thinking about how did Negan get so much power? In the Walking Dead, we basically see everyone roaming around as nomads on the side of the road, struggling to stay alive due to a lack of food, water, rest, shelter, and protection against The Walking Dead. It is interesting then, however, that Negan is able to build up a massive Sanctuary, is able to get hundreds of people to follow him, and is able to get food, water, shelter, even sex, and just about every earthly pleasure that is left on the planet. Negan basically created a dominance hierarchy once again, because the board completely shifted and made it almost so that there was no longer one, people had to rebuild from the bottom up and were basically thrown back to the stone ages, libraries were torn down, computers and cell phones were no longer existent, and the like. With all this happening, it is a cool part of the story line that Negan was able to become someone with power, especially how his life was while he was an average joe on earth (compare him vs someone like Deanna Waller in the normal world, Negan was an unemployed bloke playing video games on the couch, while Deanna was a member of congress, in the new world, it ended much better for Negan, at least so far.) And so, in this blog post, I’ll take you through the journey of how Negan got so much power.

Other characters that we’ll be reviewing within the show include the following:

How Did Negan Get So Much Power?Negan


Rick Grimes


Carl Grimes

Judith Grimes

Lori Grimes



The Saviors


The Hilltop


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How Did Negan Get So Much Power? The Character’s Journey from Start to Finish

So basically we have Negan’s wife, whose name is Lucille….surprise surprise since this is what he named his bat, who is dying of cancer, just as the Walking Dead Apocalypse is starting. Negan goes out again and again, fighting to get the medication needed for his wife, who says that she more than forgives him for cheating on her. From here, Negan meets a small group of people that Dwight is leading, Dwight being pretty darn weak in the show, that eventually Negan is able to take over and take power to own the group. Negan then expands this group, turning it into the saviors and into what it was in the main seasons of the show.

Negan vs Rick Grimes, Who Was More Badass At What Point in the Show?

I would give Rick the win in this one, just for how it ends with him. Rick is able to maintain power by keeping his people in line with real leadership skills, while Negan used mainly fear, though he did have genuine relationships in a kind of employer/employee way that led the Sanctuary to thrive for as long as it did. He has almost the most powerful foothold that we see anyone have in the entire show, third place to Rick Grimes when he has all the communities working together, who comes in second place, and first place who appears to be the Common Wealth, who appears to have been able to literally create a society with the US Dollar as currency.

Final Thoughts on How Did Negan Get So Much Power? The Awesome Journey of Negan

Networking, people skills and using fear to impose his will, this appears to be the way that Negan was able to gain so much power. Agree with my analysis? Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information or comment down below to tell us what you think. Till next time, you heard it here first.






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