Rick Grimes and Shane, Why Did Rick Kill Shane Walsh In The Walking Dead?

In this blog post will take a look at the feud between Shane and Rick Grimes, end of why the Rick Grimes and Shane dynamic had its problems from the very beginning. In the shell, we see that the two are the best of friends right off the bat. As soon goes south as we see that Rick starts to become very territorial over his family, after having learned that Shane slept with his wife having believed him to be dead. From here, we find that Shinsekai laughs further and further from reality, and if he wants to take Carl and Laurie for himself, so that he can essentially have his own family in this rough type of world. Shane created his own demise, and at one point he was given able to lead Rick into a trap nearly taking him out. Rick Grimes tracks him and makes it so that he can literally stab him to death, as a self-defense method, beating him in the process.

Other Character Relationships that we will be reviewing with Rick in terms of how he interacted with the people in his life include the following:








Other Random Dwellers

And a host of other characters, read on for more information.

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Rick Grimes And Shane Walsh, How Tragedy Came to Pass

Rick Grimes And ShaneBefore the Main feud, Rick and Shane were actually really good friends. They were best friends, and at one point they were even cops side-by-side with one another. Shane watched over Rick and was definitely a strong influence on him, making him realize that he could be stronger than he is, and pushing him to be the man he is now. I have to believe that the friendship that Shane had on Rick, so he let it go, is one that he will cherish for his entire life, one probably had to feed away. It is the past, and The Walking Dead is now the future. It’s a bit of a metaphor about letting your old friends die, when their time has come to pass.

I don’t think I mean in a literal sense here, I mean it is a good metaphor where you should lead old friendships and sleeping dogs lie, and that you should move forward with your life. Overall I really like the dynamic between Rick and Shane, and I was sad to see him go as a character, however I think the actor made the right financial decision and that he had likely done all he could on The Walking Dead as his character was slipping into oblivion. He did much better working for marvel with the punisher series and he ever would have on The Walking Dead, and I think they ended the story arc with Shane at exactly the right time.

Final Thoughts On Rick Grimes And Shane, The Battle For The Ages

It surely was a battle for the ages when Rick was able to react at the last second and take out Shane. I love the dramatic effect with the way that take out went, however Rick has used this against Negan as well, and against some other foes that I can’t remember off the top of my head right now. He basically asks them to give him a second when they have him in a terrible position, for Carl, and from here he pulls out his knife and puts them down. A little corny, but overall it worked for the scenes. Be sure to read on and subscribe for more info on all things The Walking Dead!








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