Eugene Herman Porter is one of the leading actors in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Eugene’s first appearance was in the 5th Episode of the 5th season when he was traveling with his companions, i.e., Rosita Espinoza and Abraham Ford. Eugene had lied to Abraham that he was on a mission to Washington to save the world. Since Abraham wanted to kill himself, he opted to do something with his life, help Eugene save the world. On their way to Washington, Abraham encountered Tara and Glenn. However, things turned different when Eugene revealed that he was lying. In essence, Eugene was not a scientist; the only way he could survive was to lie because he could not survive on his own.


Eugene is intelligent and very resourceful. With his intellect, he could produce resources that helped other people. However, he was not appreciated by the members of Alexandria. He was not brave nor knew how to fight/defend himself. Therefore, he always felt unappreciated at Alexandria. As the Alexandrians, Hill Top, and The Kingdom planned a plot to fight Negan; things went from bad to worse. At one point, Rosita wanted to kill Negan but had no bullets. Rosita asked Eugene to help her, and he agreed. Eugene used his skills and made Rosita a bullet. However, after failing to kill Negan, Eugene came forward as the person responsible for making the bullet and was later taken to the Sanctuary.


Eugene’s skills were highly valued at the Sanctuary, and he felt appreciated. He later became one of the high-ranking members as the chief engineer. However, he later encountered Rosita, Sasha and Daryl, re-evaluated his decisions, and opted to help the militia. As the chief engineer, he orchestrated a plot to make ineffective bullets that exploded, injured, and killed the Saviors at a vital moment, giving Survivors a chance to fight back. After realizing what Eugene had done, his friends forgave him. Eugene is Alexandria’s engineer and has played a pivotal role in finding new allies and uniting the people for the greater good.