The fight scene starts with Beta smashing through a wall and descending on Daryl with a knife in each hand, dominating Daryl with his enormous physical size and strength. Beta takes full advantage of his size by thrashing and slamming Daryl onto the floor and into walls like a rag-doll.


As the two characters continue to swing their knives, it’s clear that Beta is looking for information on where Lydia is. Although Beta has several chances to kill Daryl, he doesn’t, which leaves an opening for Daryl to escape. After Daryl is stabbed and thrown through a wall, he finds a gap in the floorboards to hide. Once Beta turns and walks away, Daryl springs out of the floor and rushes Beta, pushing him down an elevator shaft.



The death scene begins when Negan ensnares Beta by using Lydia to steal Beta’s attention and separate him from the rest of the walkers. In this fiery moment, Daryl emerges from the hordes covered in walker blood and plunges his knives into Beta’s eyes. The walkers begin drawing in, circling the scent of fresh blood as they feast on Beta’s flesh.

In this ultimate scene, Beta appears to embrace his death as his body is devoured and torn apart just before he is sent into eternal darkness.



A few reasons Daryl is such a strong fighter is his difficult past with an abusive family. His family life led to Daryl landing in juvenile detention, where he learned to defend himself and hardened his outsider persona. Later in life, he and his brother joined a survivalist group where he became an expert hunter and tracker.


After the apocalypse, his survivalist skills proved invaluable in the new zombie world and strengthened his fighting skills. More importantly, Daryl’s skills allowed him to become a team player. Once he joined Rick’s group, he became an invaluable member as he trained the others in hunting and combat. Becoming a part of a group transformed Daryl from a rebel to a defender.



Daryl’s ability to fight and navigate the sea of zombies proves his fighting abilities. Eventually, Daryl, together with Negan, was able to take out Beta, the new lead Whisperer, swiftly and efficiently.