How did Glenn meet Rick Grimes?


The two meet in the premier episode of season 1 of The Walking Dead titled “Days Gone Bye”. Rick Grimes is among the main characters in the series. Nonetheless, he also finds himself in a tight spot when he gets stuck in a tank surrounded by walkers. The premier episode starts with Rick’s voice as he communicates with Glenn over a radio call.


Glenn uses the radio to direct Rick from the tank, and they meet in an alley. They then proceed to a department store where the rest of Rick’s group is hiding. Nonetheless, Rick’s noise gives their location away to the walkers, who head straight for the store. This means the entire group is trapped inside.


How did Glenn meet Maggie?


The relationship between Maggie and Glenn starts slowly in season 2, but it soon gains the title of the best relationship in the series. They first meet when Maggie alerts Glenn and the others that they should come quickly because Carl and Rick are at her father’s farm. They had sex shortly after meeting. However, Maggie didn’t want to do it again but could hardly stay away from Glenn for long. It all started when she came across Glenn looking at a condom box.


Why is Glenn such a Tough Character?


There are several ways to describe the toughness of this character played by Yeun. First, he comes from Michigan and becomes a pizza delivery guy. This gives him the advantage of knowing the city well. Additionally, it helps him land the role of a supply runner wherever he goes. Glenn Rhee is also a skilled fighter, helping him deal with and evade zombies. It is a character that requires Glenn to put himself in danger to help his group mates, making this role challenging.


Conclusion on Glenn Rhee from the Walking Dead


There is much to talk about regarding Glenn, his character, his roles, and the people he met. The above details dive deeper into some of the essential parts of the actor’s life in The Walking Dead world, but t