The Walking Dead is a series that has excited many fans globally for several years. However, understanding everything that went down in the 11 seasons is challenging. Most people don’t know why there was a kiss between Michonne and Ezekiel, making it necessary to expound on the romantic scene, including when it happened and who Ezekiel and Michonne are.


The kiss happened in episode 4 of season 10. As explained by Angela Kang, the showrunner, this was when Ezekiel was going through a rough patch and needed a shoulder to lean on. He had lost his Kingdom, son, and wife. Michonne approaches Ezekiel and grabs his hand in consolation. He then pulls her closer for a better embrace, leading to a kiss between the two. The kiss comes at a time when Michonne is dealing with her down moments after the supposed Rick’s death or disappearance.


Who is Michonne?


Michonne is a fictional character in the series The Walking Dead. She is the character always armed with a katana and has a haunting past. When she first appears on the screen, she is in a hood and pulling two corpses. The two bodies act as protection and camouflage, although she later realizes they belong to her boyfriend and best friend. Her role is significant to the conflict between Woodbury town and the Prison group.


Who is Ezekiel?


Ezekiel is also a fictional character in the series The Walking Dead, playing the role of a leader. He leads a community of survivors known as the Kingdom. He does all he can to protect his people from the Saviors, an aggressive group terrorizing the Kingdom residents and other communities. These other communities include The Alexandria Safe-Zone and The Hilltop.




Knowing what led to the kiss between Michonne and Ezekiel in The Walking Dead is vital. Nonetheless, although the kiss was real, it was only part of a script. These two still maintain their friendship, unlike what many fans thought they would end up in a romantic relationship outside the set.