The Walking Dead is among the few TV shows that started on a high note, continued, and closed its 11 seasons with fire. Several characters are involved in the series-making, but Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is among the main actors in the show. This makes it necessary to talk about a few things regarding Rick, as the information below explains.


Was Rick Grimes a Good Leader?


It’s essential to understand some of the outstanding traits that set leaders apart if you want to know the kind of leadership offered by Rick in the Walking Dead. He oversees a group of survivors who gain trust in him and follow his example. Rick possesses delegation ability, integrity, and gratitude, among other top characteristics describing a great leader. Nonetheless, you’d be wrong to think he never made any mistakes. Some of his decisions had dire consequences for him and the Atlanta group.


Rick Grimes vs. Negan, who would win a Fight?


The series is full of drama and fiction, but it’s also fully packed with top-notch action. Rick is the head of the Atlanta group, while Negan leads the Kingdom. Having such positions means these two gentlemen know how to handle a fight. However, we can assume that Negan has an advantage, considering he is muscular, stronger, and taller than Rick. This is just an assumption; a real contest would help judge!


Who is Rick’s Right Hand Man, Daryl or Glenn?


Many fans of the series have a tough time deciding who fits better as Mr. Grime’s right-hand man. Undoubtedly, Glenn and Rick have had an unexplainable bond since Glenn saved Rick from the tank surrounded by walkers. Nevertheless, it would be fair to say that Daryl has been Rick’s best buddy even before Glenn came onto the screen. Rick trusts him completely and even replaced Shan Walsh with Daryl as his right-hand man by season 3.


Final Thoughts on Rick Grimes as a Character


Taking the role of a leader in a series watched globally means upping your game and following the script the best possible. This is one of the many positive things we can say about Rick and his leadership role in the Walking Dead.