After being in a coma for some time, Rick awoke to find himself in a drastically altered world. He lost all hope when he couldn’t track down his loved ones. His family, having relocated to Atlanta, was eventually located. Rick assumed the role of leader with ease, and his followers generally did not dispute his authority. During those moments, he deliberated and considered potential outcomes.

Was Rick Grimes a good leader?

Yes, Rick Grimes was an effective leader generally. A number of traits are necessary for effective leadership, including honesty, confidence, charisma, and the capacity to delegate tasks. Leaders need to set an example, and Rick did so by actively participating in every stage of planning and execution.

Rick Grimes vs Negan, who would win in a fight?

When it comes to strategic planning and experience, Rick is superior. He is more of a strategist, Negan is more of a brawler who uses his superior strength and size to his advantage. Therefore, Rick would likely prevail, given an even playing field. However, nearly every time they meet, they are involved in an unfair conflict. The use of deception, momentum, and force always proves victorious.

Who is Rick’s Right Hand Man, Daryl or Glenn?

Daryl is Rick’s, right-hand man. This was established in season two when Shane noticed Rick spending more time with and valuing Daryl more, insulted Daryl when they found the barn and expressed annoyance that Rick kept choosing Daryl to go on runs with him. When Dale passes away, Daryl takes charge and steps in front of Shane to be the one to lay him to rest instead of Rick. Then, in the premiere of Season 3, we see that Daryl has fully assumed the mantle.

Final Thoughts on Rick Grimes as a Character

Rick Grimes’ fearlessness, amazing ability to forge ahead in the face of overwhelming adversity and emerge a better man for it, and his dashing good looks while doing so are all reasons to admire him. How Rick Rimes manages to persevere in the face of adversity, such as when his friend Carl was shot, and he had to rush him half a mile to a farm, all the while giving blood to ensure his safety.