Daryl picked a fight with Beta to save Lydia. Lydia was the daughter of the leader of the Whisperers, Alpha. Lydia was taken hostage to the Hilltop by Daryl, Michonne, and Yumiko to be interrogated for information. He was later released, only for Henry to follow her back to her camp. Henry was captured and about to be killed when Daryl, Connie, and the dog came to the rescue. Alpha could not let that slip, and she sent Beta to get her daughter back.


Daryl, Lydia, Connie, and Henry found an abandoned house where they could hide. They gained an advantage over the whisperers because they had higher ground and a ‘choke point,’ i.e. since the whisperers walked with the herd, it was difficult to differentiate the ‘walkers’ from the ‘whisperers.’ However, since it was difficult for walkers to move obstacles and climb, only whisperers could reach where Daryl was. Daryl was eager to help Lydia and vowed not to return her to Alpha because she was abusing her. Daryl understood what Lydia was going through because he was also a victim at an early age.


Daryl locked Lydia in a room with the dog while Connie and Henry hid in another room. Daryl was eager to meet Beta because he wanted to settle things once and for all. It turns out that Beta came with other whisperers, but to Daryl, they were not a real threat. However, Beta was very strong, and Daryl could not handle his strength. Daryl was man-handled, although he fought back, making Beta very angry. Seeing that he could not kill Beta alone, Daryl hatched a plan. After being thrown around, Daryl snuck under the floor; there was an opening, and he waited for Beta. Beta did not realize he was being hoaxed as he searched for Daryl. Daryl slowly emerged from his hiding and threw Beta into the elevator shaft. Thinking he has killed Beta, Daryl takes Connie, Lydia, and Henry to the Kingdom to attend the Fair. In the end, Beta did not die. He woke up groaning in pain and anger because he could not retrieve what belonged to Alpha, Lydia.