Did Lori Die Giving Birth In The Walking Dead?

Lori died giving birth in the walking dead. This caused a lot of controversy because many people felt that it was unnecessary for her to die. However, the show’s creators felt that it was important to show the harsh realities of childbirth and death in this post-apocalyptic world. Lori’s death was also a way to further motivate Rick, and it gave some additional depth to the show. I personally believe that Season 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead were some of the most hellish in the entire show. And so in this blog post, let’s look at the question of did Lori die giving birth in the Walking Dead?

Does Lori Die Giving Birth In The Walking Dead?Among the Catastrophic events that happened in the Walking Dead Prison include the following:

– The Governor’s attack on the prison, which led to the deaths of many people, including Hershel.

– The flu outbreak, which killed several people, including Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen.

– The Governor’s return and massacre at the prison. This time, almost everyone died, including Beth, Lizzie, and Mika.

– The arrival of the Saviors, which caused a lot of death and destruction. This is where we see Negan kill Glenn and Abraham.

– The war against the Saviors, which led to even more death and destruction. This is where we see Sasha die, Carl get shot in the eye, and Eugene get his leg amputated.

As you can see, Lori’s death was just one of many tragic events that occurred in the walking dead prison. It’s hard to say if her death was necessary, but it did help to further the plot and motivate the characters. The Walking Dead is one of the coolest and absolute brutal shows that I’ve ever seen, There will never be another show like it in terms of quality!

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The Lori giving birth scene went as follows. It first opened up with Hershel walking for the first time since his injury, for a very wholesome moment of the show. From here, we see this turn sour, as they always do within the show, and a herd of walkers chase after all of them, endangering all of their lives. We see them have to fight off a herd of Walkers, a super loud alarm going off which leads biters towards their Prison Camp, and then Lori going into Labor. Lori had two options, terminate her pregnancy, or have a C-section, which would take her out, and save the Baby. In a bold move, she chose the latter.

Final Thoughts On Did Lori Die Giving Birth In The Walking Dead?

Yes she did, in a very gruesome scene and one that was likely one of the best in the show. I am currently watching Season 3 right now and as much as it is giving me the creeps, it is also very good. Hope you enjoyed reading, for more details and information on all things TWD, be sure to read on and subscribe!








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