What Episode Does Rick Get to The Prison In The Walking Dead?

In this blog post, we look at what episode does Rick get to the prison in The Walking Dead. I just watched Season 2 the final episode and then Season 3 episode 1 and 2, and I personally really like Season 3 episode 1. It is a story of a mild triumph, and we see how much the group has been strengthened from their naïve selves in Season 2, having been hardened on the road for 8 months. I really think that the Prison was the first Season we see the characters get really hardened, not that Season 1 and Season 2 didn’t have their moments as far as the characters having to summon up some grit in order to get through them, but Season 3 and then Season 4 took this to a completely different level.

We see just how strong they’ve become in Season 5 when they get to the commonfolk in Alexandria, where they almost have superpowers compared to the others. It is the Walking Dead Equivalent of someone without combat experience meeting with some with combat experience in 2022, with the power of their experience they are just in a completely different league. Season 7 and beyond again tests their characters in a major way. And so, in this blog post, we look at the characters experience within The West Georgia Correctional Facility, and give a quick review of Season 3 of The Walking Dead.

Some top moments within Season 3 include:

What Episode Does Rick Get To The Prison In The Walking Dead?Hershel’s leg after being bit

Lori’s passing after her pregnancy

Taking the prison on episode 1

The introduction of Woodbury

Rick meeting the Governor for the first time

Tyrese getting bit

Rick seeing Lori’s Ghost

Rick Losing his mind

The Virus within the Prison

Carol finding her strength

And much more, read on for additional details and information.

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What Episode Does Rick Get To The Prison In The Walking Dead? Introduction To Season 3 Episode 1

Rick and the group find a prison in the third season of The Walking Dead. After clearing the prison of walkers, they make it their home. However, tensions rise between Rick’s group and another group of survivors who are already living there, which eventually leads to a battle for control of the prison. In the end, Rick’s group is victorious and remains in control of the prison.

Why Season 3 Of The Walking Dead Was A Truly Heartbreaking Season, The Scariest Scenes of Season 3

What Are Some of The Scariest Scenes Of The Walking Dead Season 3?

While there are many suspenseful and harrowing moments throughout the third season of The Walking Dead, some of the most truly terrifying scenes include:

– The Governor’s attack on the prison, during which he unleashes a horde of walkers on the unsuspecting survivors

– The scene in which Michonne discovers that The Governor has been keeping a group of people captive in his own personal torture chamber

– The scene in which a group of survivors, including Rick and Hershel, are trapped in a room with a walker that has been covered in spikes

– The scene in which Andrea is being held captive by The Governor and he sadistically threatens to kill her if Rick doesn’t comply.

Final Thoughts On My Walking Dead Season 3 Review

In short, I would say that Season 3 and Season 4 were some of the most heartbreaking scenes of The Walking Dead, and that they absolutely forced the characters to summon up the most grit out of the entire show. Like my old Walking Dead buddy used to say “Season 3 made Rick Grimes” a very true statement indeed. Hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to subscribe to our blog and comment with your thoughts!








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