Does Rick Grimes Die In The Comics?

Rick Grimes does not die in the comics. He is still alive and well as of the most recent issue. There is no indication that he will be dying anytime soon. So, for now, fans can rest assured that Rick is safe and sound. But who knows what the future holds? Anything could happen in The Walking Dead, but it seems our hero Rick Grimes is strong enough to outlast the walkers. Sometimes however, I find that the comic books deviate from the actual content of the show, and sometimes rather significantly. And so in this blog post, let’s answer the question of does Rick Grimes die in the comics? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think and remember to subscribe!

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Does Rick Grimes Die In The Comics?Maggie





The Governor




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What Was Andrew Lincoln’s Idea For The Walking Dead Ending?

In an interview with EW, Lincoln said that he wanted the show to end with Rick Grimes waking up from a long sleep – possibly years – to find that the world has finally returned to normal. All the walkers are gone, and everyone he knows and loves is alive and well. It would be a happy ending for Rick Grimes and for the fans of The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, it seems like that happy ending is not going to happen. In the same interview, Lincoln said that the show’s creator Robert Kirkman has a different ending in mind for Rick Grimes. So, it looks like we will have to wait and see what Kirkman has planned for our favorite zombie apocalypse.

What Will Happen With The Rick Grimes Movie, & Does Rick Grimes Die In The Comics?

The Rick Grimes movie is still in development, but we don’t have much information about it yet. We know that Lincoln will be reprising his role as Rick Grimes, and the movie will follow him after he is separated from the group in the comics. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the film crew and with Lincoln.

Did Negan Cut Off Rick’s Hands In The Comic Books?

No, Negan did not cut off Rick’s hands in the comic books. However, he does come close to doing so. In the comics, after Negan captures Rick and brings him back to the Sanctuary, he puts him in a cell and tells him that he is going to cut off his right hand. But, before Negan can do so, one of his men stops him and tells him that they need Rick alive. So, Negan changes his mind and decides to let Rick live – for now.

It’s unclear what will happen with the Rick Grimes movie, but it seems like fans will have to wait a little longer to find out. On a side note, the closest thing that happens to Negan taking Rick’s hands in the show is when Negan has him pinned down again in Alexandria and when Rick says to Negan “you can do it right in front of me. You can take my hands!”‘ Before the Tiger saves him, awesome and terrifying scene. And that’s the gist of how TWD the TV show compares to the comics. Want more follow up on all things Walking Dead? Sign up or comment with any questions!






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