We Are the Walking Dead, The Most Amazing Speech of Rick Grimes

I watched this scene again in the Walking Dead, where Rick Grimes gives a speech about how he asks his Grandfather what happened in the war, and of how he got through these harsh times of battle. The more I watch the show the Walking Dead, the more I see the soldiers in the faces of each character, and the more I start to see each character basically develop into what is like a soldier overseas in both their mind and spirit. This though of We are the Walking Deadmine was topped off when, with me paraphrasing, Rick Grimes basically gave the following speech as he and his group are trapped in a Barn, having been on the road for literally years and years now. The speech goes something like this:

‘When I was a kid, I once asked my grandfather if he killed anyone in the war.

He wouldn’t answer, and he said that was grown up stuff.

So then I asked him if anyone had ever tried to kill him….and he got real quiet.

After he paused for a little bit, he said that as soon as he stepped into enemy territory,

he was dead. He told himself, when he woke up every single morning, Rest in Peace, now

go to war. I think that’s how you have to look at it, we live minute to minute, acting like we’re

dead for a few years until we make it through to the other side, and then, then we get to live.

We tell ourselves that WE are the Walking Dead.”

This was such an awesome and heart felt scene, in that it is basically Rick Grimes accepting that they are all beyond screwed because of the horrible times that they are living in, and with him saying that they need to suck it up and push through it. If they don’t, they are going to die, and they will never get to live. The only way that they can make it through is to be a hard core warrior, and to fight with all they have, being fully in reality until they see otherwise.

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We Tell Ourselves that We are the Walking Dead, An Intense Moment

I really liked this scene in that it is almost a metaphor for life. In life, whether you are starting a company, or are going through a rough patch, or trying to make a relationship or a marriage work, or you are starting a new career, there is that rough patch for a few years where you aren’t really living. It’s hard to build a start-up that makes you $1M per year while having a wife and kids, its hard to get your career off the ground when you are starting from zero, and its really hard to find balance when you are making any real great strides. But if you go fast enough, you can really build up a lot of momentum, and you can build yourself enough of a fortress so that you can start to live again.

My Final Thoughts on the We are the Walking Dead Speech, Thoughts and Opinions

I think that Rick is absolutely right in his assessment of life and his assessment of the times that they were living in during the show. In tough times, strong people stick it out, they move forward, sometimes day to day or minute to minute depending on how bad it is, and they push through to the other side, that’s where they are stronger for it, and then they get to live. Subscribe for more info.








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