Does Negan Get Along With Carl On The Walking Dead?

Carl was really brave and articulate. Negan was fond of Carl because he liked how he carried himself around. At one point, Negan admitted that he did not have a child, but if he did, he would want him to be like Carl. Negan understood how the world was and needed strong men and women to survive. He bragged about how he made people strong and helped them survive, thus leading the Saviors. When Negan first met Carl, he knew he was Rick’s son because of how he looked at him. Carl could not live with the fact that his friends, Glenn and Abraham, were killed by Negan in front of him. Therefore, he hid in one of Negan’s trucks, went to Sanctuary, and killed two men in an attempt to kill Negan. Everyone expected Negan to kill Carl to set a good example. However, as a punishment, Negan asked Carl to show him his eye (the one that was shot) and sing him a song. But can we say that Negan likes Carl, or respects Carl, or even gets along with Carl? Or that he is somewhat of a good person at heart for even respecting him even during a war? In this blog post, we are going to explore just that. Read on and be sure to subscribe for more content on all things The Walking Dead.

Does Negan Like and Respect Carl As a Soldier on The Walking Dead? Yes!


Did Negan Like Carl On The Walking Dead?Negan eventually took Carl home, Alexandria, and they prepared spaghetti. Although Rick was not home, Negan did not hurt Carl or Judith in any way. Finally, after Carl died, Rick talked to Negan via a walkie-talkie. Carl had written a letter to Negan trying to explain why they should stop fighting. Negan was very sad. In fact, he asked if the grenades killed him because earlier, Negan had attacked Alexandria. Learning that Carl died trying to help a stranger, Negan admitted that he greatly liked Carl.

After Negan was defeated and locked in a cell in Alexandria, Judith used to talk to him, seeking advice and trying to know more about her father and brother. Negan always spoke positively about Carl, trying to help Judith understand and remember him. It is clear that Negan really liked Carl, although they had different ideologies.

The Relationship Between Negan and Carl As a Whole

Negan and Carl have always had something of a complicated relationship on The Walking Dead. The reason for this it seems is that they have a mutual respect for one another as fellow warriors within the series, but also due to the fact that they are on opposite sides of a long ranging war. In the end, Rick won the battle but never got to celebrate with his son, as Carl passed away due to random events, making it all the more difficult for Rick. You can hear in Negan’s voice when he hears that Carl died when he asks Rick “was it us” and Rick just says to Negan “not it wasn’t you, it was just random” as he speaks with frustration and a bloodlust of anger. A very sad scene, and I always wonder how the Walking Dead series might have panned out had they kept Carl alive for longer.

How Negan Felt About And Coped With Carl’s Death

He wasn’t like completely distraught or anything, but you could definitely see it in his eyes that he was saddened by the news and that he was sad overall. Negan respected Carl and there was a reason that he never took him out in the first placed, he respected and wanted to help prosper the bond that Carl had with Rick overall.

Final Thoughts On Does Negan Get Along With Carl On The Walking Dead? A Complicated Relationship of Respect, Even Among Enemies

I would say that they are something of frenemies. In the end, Negan never truly hurt Carl, and while he threatened to when the circumstances required it, he actually always treated him with respect, even the few times that Carl went unhinged. I would say the Walking Dead writers definitely screwed this one up and upset a lot of people and their viewers by writing this into the script.


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