What is Eugenes IQ in The Walking Dead? I Say About 130

What is Eugenes IQ in The Walking Dead? This is a question that has fascinated me for sometime, and that I think Eugene probably has a low genius level IQ, meaning on the lower end of the genius spectrum, of somewhere in the range of 130 and 145. Him being a genius helps him in some weird ways within the show, mainly to manipulate people but his ideas also get the group to Alexandria, and we see him being interviewed by the Commonwealth at the most up-to-date episode of the show. More info on this part of The Walking Dead below!

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Why Eugene Has a 130 IQ

I think IQ is something of an undervalued skill in The Walking Dead, as if we look at the show, most of the people that are left are somewhat dumb or What is Eugenes IQ In The Walking Dead?average in overall intelligence. We see people always say high school or basic college level education surviving, probably because they’ve had to scrap and have been at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy, which have made it so they are fighters and are willing to do what it takes to stay alive in this world. For my part, I give Eugene an IQ of between 130 and 145, but probably around the range of 130, (could very well be 150 with some of the cool stuff he’s pulled off) which has been his defining trait in TWD thus far. 

Is Eugene Actually a Scientist?

Eugene may be the only academic left, and while I don’t know if he actually has a PhD or is a scientist just like he said he did, I think he is definitely more intelligent than the average bear, and with him being able to make materials for Negan, give an idea on the spot about their yard at the sanctuary, and for him to be able to do tons of other tasks is definitely something that is valuable within the show. Well not as valuable as courage, I think his IQ definitely has served him well in a lot of ways, and we see him almost single-handedly take down the saviors during the war, with his crafty deception of what he did to their armory. 

Final Thoughts on What is Eugenes IQ? My Take on Why It Is Between 130 and 145

Eugene strikes me as someone who was in academia, and he could possibly have those PHDs in medicine that he is always bragging about. He had Negan convinced that he was a Doctor, even though this is a flat out lie, in a way that he even took out the current Doctor for the Sanctuary due to a fit of blind rage. In any case, What do you think of Eugene from The Walking Dead, call me down below or subscribe for additional details and information.




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