Negan Kills Alpha In The Walking Dead, My Favorite Scene of All Time!

This took place in the Season 10, mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. In the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead, titled “A Certain Doom,” Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally got his chance to kill Alpha (Samantha Morton). After leading the Whisperers into a trap and slaying several of them, he cornered Alpha in a cave. And while she begged for her life, to some degree, in the end he did take it. This all led to the scene where Negan Kills Alpha, which in TWD was quite literally legendary!

Negan Kills Alpha In The Walking DeadThe ruse was actually pretty well worked out, he essentially tried to work his way up to the top of the Whisperers, similar to how Tommy Shelby says “you can do more damage from the inside” in Peaky Blinders. Negan joins the whisperers, and in the funniest scene in the entire show says “I’m ready for my skin suit. You’d better bring that extra long tape measure on account of my humungous. Hi, I’m Negan, and while we haven’t formally met yet, I sure as hell know who you are.” Negan kneels down “whatever you want, whatever I got, I am all in.” Alpha looks him over, and simply says “shhh” in other words, welcome to the Whisperers!

How Did Negan Fare With the Whisperers?

For the most part, Negan actually did pretty well with the Whisperers. He followed orders, kept his head down, and didn’t really make any waves. Even when he was captured by Daryl (Norman Reedus) and company, he never ratted out Alpha or the Whisperers. He just kept his mouth shut and made a name for himself, slowly and quietly. Eventually, his time as a leader of the Saviors began to pay off.

He gave Alpha a tip, ratting out a mole that was trying to take her down, this impressed Alpha. And so, in order to “reward Negan in a way that he would understand” and also start to win over her trust, they have sex, at Alpha’s insistence. As nasty as this probably was, I might have actually done that had I been in Negan’s position.

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From here, Negan manipulates Alpha into thinking he had Alpha’s daughter locked up in a different Shed, only to manipulate her with a distraction, and take her head (literally) at Carol’s wishes. Negan fulfilled his Bargain, and in the process even became the new Alpha for a brief moment. Daryl and Negan taking out Beta is just as good of a scene here!


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