Was Negans Line Up Justified in Season 7 of The Walking Dead? Why The Math Makes Sense On His Decision

I would say that Negans line up on the Walking Dead was actually more than justified, and that while brutal, that numerically it was actually and good idea and was somewhat merciful to the group as a whole. For starters, Rick and his people had taken out a whole group of Negans people on multiple occasions in the show. And it’s just like Negan said, “when I sent people, to kill your people, for killin my people, you killed MORE of my people. That is not cool” which is honestly why he did what he did. Rick put him in something of an impossible spot, turf war or no. Negan had to retaliate else he appear weak to his people, and he let the violence keep going on.

Was Negans Line Up Justified in Season 7 Of The Walking Dead?In total honesty, the only mistake Negan made here is that he delivered a blow to the group without making it a fatal one. He thought he could play nice and scare them into being prey animals forever, working for him as indentured servants. It should’ve been almost obvious that he needed to either:

A. Take some sort of Resource Compensation from the group and tell them to stop taking people out.

B kill them all right then and there

C. Kill one or two of them swiftly

D. Kill one or two of them in BRUTAL and terrifying fashion so that the group gets the message but he saves the majority of them in numbers and allows them to both live and do work for them.

The logic was actually pretty darn sound on what Negan did. And though it was pretty sadistic and one of the most brutal scenes in the Walking Dead, in the end the choice he made was probably the most merciful one he could have. In making them less brutal he could’ve just taken out every single one of them right there and maintained his power, which is what Machiavelli would have told him to do, but he chose the kinder option and paid for it in the end.

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Was Negans Line Up Justified In Season 7 of The Walking Dead? Why I Say Yes

In a sense then, Negan’s line up was definitely justified. This is even noted when after Rick defeated Negan, he says “this isn’t because you took people out, no no, we, we did that to people too. This is for how you used people, how you made people your dam slave.” He was basically saying that sure, it was the battle of multiple groups, and that he took Negan out because of the WAY that he did things, not necessarily just for what he did. Negan could’ve learned from Nicolo Machiavelli with some of the moves he made, that’s for sure. Hope you enjoyed reading, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. Thanks for reading!




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