What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors?

What Season does Rick attack the saviors? After 7 full seasons of eating shit, Rick finally made a huge comeback against the Saviors, attacking the Sanctuary with an army of soldiers and winning in Season 8, episode 1 of the Walking Dead. By the end of Season 8, Rick had taken Negan out of contention completely, and had united the saviors in with the rest of the group to become one peaceful group of people against the walkers. Do not stop watching if you get to the lag at the end of Season 7 of the walking dead, where they are basically showing Morgan just twirling a stick for hours and hours, it gets a lot faster during the penultimate and the season 7 finale of the show, and has things like a Tiger attacking Negan before he takes out Carl in Alexandria, and a host of other awesome scenes in the show. The war really starts towards the end of Season 7, where it becomes evident that they are not going to put up with Negan’s crap anymore, and that they are going to be attacking as much as possible and taking out Negan. And so, with the phrase “you’re really gonna make me count” Alexandria, the Hilltop, and some from Oceanside take on the Saviors, attacking outpost after outpost, and bringing a hoard into the Sanctuary to take out as many of them as possible. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other characters within the show that we will be reviewing on this blog include the following:

What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors?The Hilltop

The Saviors



Rick Grimes


The betrayal by Eugene




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And a host of other characters, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors? The Battle Starts in Season 8, Episode 1

So Rick really starts his direct attack on the saviors in Season 8, Episode 1. He gets the Kingdom, Alexandria, Oceanside, and the Hilltop, and even some people from the Scavengers to all attack the Saviors at once, and ends up winning, though it is a slow and painful crawl of a war throughout Season 8 of the show. What essentially happens is the show turns into a war-crazed territory, with people becoming the real enemies and the walkers almost no longer posing a threat. The group starts taking out Savior outposts one at a time until they are all gone, and they weaken Negan’s army down to like 50 or so people, still enough for them to have a formidable fight. From here, Eugene basically booby traps them, and ricks their weapons so that they self destruct, this gives the Alexandrians and those from the Hilltop enough leverage to take them out once and for all. Season 8 ends with Rick gliding over all, and with relative peace happening in Season 9, until the massive hoard that is.

Season 8, Episode 16, Rick Beats Negan Once and For All

This is a really cool scene, because it ends up like how it would in reality, two armies attacking each other side by side, Rick vs Negan. Rick basically has an involuntary guy on the inside, and without even knowing it, Eugene takes out most of the weapons from the Saviors. This brings me a to a line from the Prince about maintaining power, and it’s that a prince should strive to “never be hated” which is what Negan failed to do in a lot of respects. By oppressing people and making them hate you, you cause a rebellion to be had.

Season 9, The Season of Peace, What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors

By Season 9, Rick has won the war, and has even integrated the Saviors into his new group. This could be said to be another error if we are going by Machiavelli’s the Prince, in that when integrating new people into their society, they will always remember what was, and you will never be able to live up to expectations. You can see that the Saviors do more harm than good in Rick’s community, and that this theory holds true. Aside from this, Season 9, at least until the hoard destroying the bridge in Season 9, episode 5, the show is really about the peace of all of the communities.

Final Thoughts on What Season Does Rick Attack the Saviors, And Why The Battle Starts in Season 8 of the Walking Dead

So, I really like the battle with the Saviors overall, it is really awesome to watch, and Rick really comes into his own, as this really forces him to bring out every ounce of strength and persistence that he has. But, like in every single other episode so far, Rick and his people did eventually win the war. Read on or subscribe to our blog for more information on all things Rick Grimes and the Walking Dead!








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