Negan Sees Variant Walker for the first time.

Negan is the leader of a small band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken control. He may be cruel and vicious, but he has learned to keep going. His curiosity is piqued the first time he looks at a Walker version. The Walker is unlike any zombie he has ever seen, and he is curious why.

Negan Gets His First Look at The Walker Variant

Negan is fascinated and repelled by a Walker variation upon first sight. He can’t help but study the alien, seeking to identify its distinguishing features compared to standard Walkers.

The variation has one less eye and is always screaming, baring its sharp fangs. The skin on it is a horrible green hue, and it seems like pus is flowing off of it. Even though the monster repulses him, Negan can’t stop thinking about what may have happened to it to generate such a grotesque mutation.

Negan goes on high alert when he sees a Walker variant. He was unsure what to expect their first time seeing anything like this. Walker doesn’t plan to fight, but he’s ready if necessary. Instead, it looks at Negan with vacant eyes.

Negan can’t determine whether he finds Walker attractive or disgusting. Despite being distressed, he’s curious to discover more. He has never seen something comparable and is inquisitive about its origin. He wonders whether there are multiple kinds of this drug and what they do.

Negan is wary of approaching the Walker too closely since he can’t help but feel sorry for it, despite his best efforts to avoid it. It is evident that this species is not like the others and is experiencing significant discomfort. Negan can’t help but wonder what took place with it and how it got to be in this state in the first place.

In the end, Negan decides to abandon Walker. Although he is unsure of what it is, he is confident it does not pose a risk to him or anybody else. Even though he is intrigued by it, he is aware that it would be better for him just to let it alone.