Rick Grimes and Andrea, what is their dynamic like 

The relationship between Rick Rimes and Andrea, who is the blonde girl that we see at the farm in at the camp, and who eventually gets twisted up with the governor before it being her downfall, has always been very wholesome and good. Rick ends up saving her from a horrible clutches of the governor, and while he’s not able to fully take out the governor himself until he needs Michonne’s health at the beginning of season four, they leave on good terms, and it is found that Michonne made the right decision on siding with Rick while Andrea made the wrong decision inside him with the governor.

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Rick Grimes And Andrea, Their Simple Acquaintance RelationshipRick Grimes And Andrea, Their Simple Acquaintance Relationship

It is really cool to see the dynamic of how the strong men are in the show, and that a wandering woman in the woods like Michonne, he’s basically helpless at possibly creating her own camp and can only survivor self. Rick Rimes in the governor on the other hand, have each built their respective communities, and at one point the governor had every single possible thing he could ever need or want at Woodbury, controlling the place with ease. Move this to Rick Grimes prison, which was also excelling at one point, though also with the tissues, and you find that he is keeping a community of people alive all by himself.

Final Thoughts On The Rick Grimes And Andrea Relationship, My Opinion

In looking at the relationship between Rick Grimes and Andrea, when Andrea arrives at the prison Rick welcome sir with open arms. Even when Rick has to watch her pass away having been attacked by a walker, we see that he is very wholesome about it, apologizes for not being able to help her more, and then he truly shows remorse for someone that although he probably thought of more as an acquaintance, was there for a significant portion of his life in the walking dead realm. I really liked the slight friendship park between Rick Grimes and Andrea, and I was very torn that they killed her off.





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