Rick Grimes vs Terminus, Here’s What Happened

In this blog post I will talk about the sequence of events in The Walking Dead it eventually led to Rick Grimes attacking terminus, they eventually went there to originally find Safe haven. Something that I really like about The Walking Dead, and that I have always loved about it, is how it shows an immense persistence and endurance test among these characters day after day. What we see, is something very similar to real life, how the day today struggle me sometimes feel pointless, and that there is no way forward, but that over gigantic blocks of time like six months or a year or five years, Rick Grimes Vs Terminusthat everything comes full circle and that the characters and yourself are eventually able to move forward in a very meaningful way.

This is true and no other place in The Walking Dead, especially when we see Rick Rimes go up against terminus, the group that is probably one of the most evil in the entire show. We originally see the group being split up, and looking for safe haven after being thrown out of the prison towards the beginning of season four, and seeing signs on the train tracks which point to safe haven. From here, we noticed that something is off, as they have kidnapped some of the groups friends, with Rick Rimes noticing Herschel‘s wash it was gifted to Glenn.

Rick Grimes vs Terminus, The Machete With a Red Handle

We eventually find our group completely out gunned and cornered, as they are in something of an RV trailer that is locked up, as they eventually use the terminus to reunite. It is really cool how Rick Stays persistent against all odds, and how even when they are in a lineup about to potentially be taken out completely, that they are able to persist on and keep trying. Eventually, the group text out Thurman is with a red machete, and even when they beg for surrender close out the loopholes, and they put them out of their misery.




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