Rick Grimes and Carl, What The Relationship Is Like Between Father And Son

In The Walking Dead series we see that Rick Grimes and his son Carl Grimes are practically inseparable. They have an extremely close bond, and though it is trying at times, like when Rick gets beat up by the governor and Carl is forced to step in and basically nurse him back to health while they were now back on the road. With this being said, the relationship between Carl and Rick is always very strong. They have the rocks and downs, but you thick and thin Rick Grimes does whatever he possibly can to try to make the best life for Carl. Greatest scenes between Rick and Carl in the show or when Carl get shot the first time, and when Carl get shot the second time. I don’t Carl Carl getting shot the third time, because he did it himself after succumbing to a zombie bite. For more details and information on all things The Walking Dead, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. 

Rick Grimes And Carl, A Truly Amazing Father Son Bond

The first time Kyle gets shot is when they find the farm, and when they meet Herschel. At this point in the show, we see that a hunter that was tracking Rick Grimes And Carl And Their Amazing Fatherly Relationshipa deer, accidentally shoots coral as a bullet goes through the deer. Carl instantly falls backwards, and it looks like the bullet was slowed enough in its trajectory to keep the boy alive. We see Rick running as fast as humanly can carrying the full 100 pound weight of coral, and helping to get him to safety as fast as he possibly can.

They find a farm with a mild amount of health care, and he is eventually able to use that to save Carl’s life and nursing back to health. The scene where Rick carries his entire bodyweight and Carlos, and runs a full half mile as fast as humanly can is one of the most superhuman feats of strength that we see Rick Ryan’s dealing with. It shows the incredible love and might that being a dad can take, and it must’ve been one of the most meaningful experiences of his entire life.

The second time Carl get shot, is in Alexandria, and it allows Rick to Simon so much will, that he is able to end the zombie horde attack on Alexandria. From here, what happens is that Rick C‘s car gets shot as Michonne takes out the other kid that is wanting to hurt him. All of a sudden Karl looks up and says “dad“ and we see ricks face turn stone cold as we see Carl has been shot in the eye and now has a hole in his face. Rick instantly goes into full on Warrior dad mode, and he once again carries his body to safety, this time through a horde of zombies, as Michonne covers for him.

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Final Thoughts On Rick Grimes And Carl, The Amazing Father Son Bond

This is the coolest scene in the entirety of The Walking Dead in my opinion, in that once Rick gets Carl to relative safety, we see him look outside and see the zombies attacking in the window, before we see him look out the window in rage. He goes out and attacks the entire hurt himself as he uses his hatchet to take them all down one by one. The motivation is so strong that he is able to convince the other Alexandrian‘s to come out of their caves and start fighting, and he wins the battle in full from this heroic moment. The best quote from this series, is when the priest puts down the baby and goes to fight. One of the other Alexandria tries to stop him, saying it’s not safe and that he should go back to praying. 

The priest says “we’ve been praying. Praying that God will save Alexandria. Well our prayers have been answered, God will save Alexandria, because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves.“ In a scene that makes even the nonreligious have chills flowing down the back of their spine, he goes out and joins the fight and they win the battle, saving their community.




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